Monday, February 28, 2011

The Weekend, otherwise known as Mission: Accomplished

Guys, I feel like the recent weekends have been nothing but finishing up seemingly endless "To Do" lists before Baby Harrison makes his debut.

This past weekend proved to be no exception, and I had an accomplice with Mission: Organization.  Her name is Mother, Grandmother that is (or soon-to-be).  Really, this post should be called "An Ode to Deena" because she proved to be my saving grace this weekend.

Arriving at 10am, Captain Mother took lead command for the next 8 hours, stopping only for some lunch and then finally dinner as she tore a path of cleanliness and organization through this house. 

China and crystal back in dining room?  Check.

Kitchen stuff moved back in and displayed?  Check. 

Nursery back in tip top shape?  Check.

Annoying labels removed from nursery furniture?  Check. 

Bedrooms cleaned, vaccumed, sheets washed, duvet cover washed, dusted... the works?  Check.

Bathroom cleaned?  Check. 

This lady meant business.  And we had a good time doing it.  Her sweet self literally did not stop until Mr. Smith went and picked us up some grub at Johnny Rockets. 

All it took was one 3-liter of Mountain Dew and the Grandmother Tornado left this Mother-to-be with a huge load off my shoulders, feeling ahead of the game once more. 

I only hope she's been able to move since Saturday. 

Did I mention she bought us some Dreft?  That's the power of the blog, peeps. 

Feeling refreshed, Mr. Smith and I visited a Covenant Presbyterian Church on Sunday, as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Searson.  Mr. and Mrs. Shepherd also made an appearance, and we packed out one whole pew.  We decided a group lunch was a must, and made our way to Taziki's.  Hmmm..... 

Since I had gotten up early enough to make my Battle Plan with Publix and CVS, I requested Mr. Smith stop with me at CVS on the way home to pick up a few things.  If only we had a video camera for things such as this...  the cash register rang up close to $90.  Mr. Smith = not amused.  Until I said, "Watch this." and handed the man my stack of coupons.  The result?  A new total of $42.  Mr. Smith's face?  Priceless. 

I later made my way to Publix, since I hadn't been in 2 weeks.  I felt a little rusty, but managed to snag up 2 weeks (maybe more, I'm thinking) of groceries for $112, saving $59.52 in the process.  Score!  Even managed to stock up on some items such as shaving cream for Mr. Smith, and some feminine products for post-baby. 

Speaking of shaving cream...  here's a helpful tidbit for you.  Do you have a spot in your house, on the carpet, that you just cannot get up?  We've had one in the nursery that would not come up.  I had tried everything.  Literally, almost every carpet-cleaning product.  Captain Mother took one look and said, "What about shaving cream?" 

Don't laugh.  It worked.  She literally sprayed some shaving cream on the spot (left by a bed post), let it sit for a couple of minutes, then rubbed it up with a warm washcloth.

I only wish I had a before and after picture.

Now, it has to be the white shaving cream.  None of this fancy gel stuff.  Just good ole fashioned, old school shaving cream. 

It was borderline comical, like that scene in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" where her dad's solution to everything is to "Put some Windex on it!"  For the rest of the weekend, Mr. Smith and I wrapped up everything with, "Just put some shaving cream on it!" 

Miraculous, I tell you. 

P.S.  Hug your mother today. 

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  1. I grew up going to Covenant! We got married there and still visit with my mom when we're in Bham. The nursery/childcare is AMAZING...just a thought for when baby Harrison comes!! :)