Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Joys of Good Company

Last night Mrs. Smith had the pleasure of a "Ladies Night" dinner at Cocina Superior.  These ladies were sorority sisters at Bama, and we always try to get together for some grub around the holidays.  Since everyone's schedules were crazy, we thought a post-holiday dinner was appropriate.  Success! 

No matter how long you go without chatting or hanging out, it is always nice and important to make a date with your girlfriends to enjoy each other's company and catch up on life.  These ladies are precious and never disappoint with their stories.  We also realized how much older we're all getting and my how the stories have changed from the college years! We made a solemn vow really sort of casual statement last night that no matter the husbands, boyfriends, children, work, etc. we would attempt at the holiday get-together, for a much-needed Ladies Night breather.  If you weren't able to make it last night... we missed you!  And probably talked about you.  No, just kidding.  Sort of.  Nothing bad, I promise.   :)

Thank you ladies for a wonderful night out!  Love y'all bunches!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Return to Reality

After a joyous four days of holiday cheer, Mr. and Mrs. Smith have returned home to the realities of newlywed life.  Our Christmas was filled with the usual traditions, and we loved seeing all our family and friends.  We were overwhelmed with the generosity of our parents (yet again), and took great joy in what Santa brought us on Christmas. 

I can't really believe that our "first" Christmas as Mr. and Mrs. Smith is already over, but I'm excited at the thought of a New Year!  Yea for 2010! 

In other news... Rufus is back!  Although Mr. Smith put chicken wire over the attic openings of our house, Rufus has manged to sneak in again.  I heard him last night having a par-tay, and he is one loud fellow.  I was NOT amused at his antics.  So... out comes the squirrel trap. 

Please do not be alarmed.  
Mr. Smith is confident he knows what he is doing! 
Plus, these are "friendly" squirrel traps. 

See? It has a heart on the box, so it must be friendly.
(Once again, apologies to PETA.)

Mr. Smith had first thought about putting our child cat in the attic to punish make friends with Rufus.  I think not.  Abby is our "special" kitty; for anyone who has met her, you know what we are talking about.  Nevertheless, Mrs. Smith ran some drills with her while wrapping some gifts.

Stealth like a jungle cat, right? 

The trap goes up tonight.  We'll keep you posted on the results, and Rufus may even make his debut on the world wide web! 

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Our Squirrely Visitor

For a couple of nights now, we have been visited by a new friend rustling above our heads around 4am every morning.  This squirrel (I refuse to entertain the idea that it is a rat), is apparently using our little attic space to make a winter home for himself and likes to wake us up in the process.  This morning was the straw that broke the camel's (squirrel's?) back, and the Smiths' patience has run out.  (I also apparently shot up in bed and named the squirrel 'Rufus' in my sleep... who knew I was so creative?)  Regardless of his newly baptised name,  Rufus must exit immediately. 

Martin is currently at Home Depot and has called approximately 3 times to discuss the best "squirrel" catching techniques.  We have been given tons of advice, ranging from Martin's bb gun (sorry PETA) to duct tape (hello Bama).  Our first shot (no pun intended with the bb gun) to evict Rufus will be some sort of "squirrel trap" that Martin will place in our attic, with some peanut butter.  A small, $30 investment to a peaceful night's sleep, right?  Martin will also attempt to fix the opening that Rufus is using as his front door. 

Any suggestions for the Eviction of Rufus?  Pictures to come of Martin and his awesome squirrel catching skills later.  Fingers crossed in this adventure.

Here we go!

So... basically I've been meaning to start a blog on The Adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Smith for quite some time now. With the New Year just around the corner, what better way to jump start 2010 then starting a little account of our lives, right? I'm sure all 5 of the followers will love our updates of our newlywed life.

Today is December 23rd and I'm bracing myself for a whirlwind of a Christmas weekend. I'm sure I am getting "Amen's" out there from all 5 readers. We will be doing our "regular" holiday routine of dinner at Grandma Nancy's on Christmas Eve followed by the Circle of Opening Presents routine. My first year with this family I was unaware of the "Circle" and proceeded to tear open my presents with glee. Not so fast. We go around one at a time. Our friend, Roz, is here from Chicago and we always read the "Hanukkah" (sp?) story as well, which is always a treat, especially watching some people try to sound out the words in the story which are harder to pronounce. This is usually me with my strong Southern accent. Whatever.

After opening presents, we head over to the Candle Light service at First Presbyterian Church, which always is serves as a beautiful reminder of what this season is really all about - Jesus!

Christmas morning is introduced with Santa Claus at the Smith's, where once again the "Circle" is used for gift opening. Martin and I then journey to big C-town (That's Cullman, for anyone who doesn't know) for Christmas with my parents. Deena always prepares a yummy meal, we open presents, and then usually head to the theater for a Christmas movie. This theater is a really big deal in Cullman, because it is still considered "new." I grew up with a Carmike 3, and usually movies were out on VHS (yep - that's right - VHS) before showing up at our little theater. Christmas Day at the Cullman Theater is packed out, but always fun and a treat for all. We will then return home, to watch the traditional "Home Alone" movie and hit the hay.