Friday, February 25, 2011

Fabulous Friday!

Friday is here!  Glorious day!  Did anyone else have a long week or was that just me? 

It's also Tax Refund Day for the Smiths!  What are y'all doing with your tax refunds? 

Thanks to our big fat check, we're paying off the following in full:

1.  Car Loan
2.  Mr. Smith's credit card
3.  My credit card
4.  Plus, we'll have a little leftover.  :) 

(We also received a big ole check from ebates as well, for over $100!  Check it out peeps... it's worth it! See link to the right of this page...)

So... we start March debt free, except for our Mortgage and Student Loans.  Not a bad place to be in with a Little Smith entering the homestead in approximately 7-9 weeks, right? 

Never fear... I'm sure that monthly daycare bill in a few months will wipe the gleeful expression I have on my face right now. 

But for now, my nerdy financial side is blissful, so leave me be. 

Here's a great article over at PT Money on Five Wise Ways to Spend your Tax Refund in case you find yourself clueless on what to do with your check. 

Or, if you need a reminder to be mature and responsible, not hit the Mall with it.

In other fabulous frugality news...because of the Flooring upheaval of our little family, my weekly routine of couponing and grocery shopping got thrown for a loop. 

Read:  I was too exhausted to go shopping after being a gypsy for five days.

However.... with a stocked pantry, we've been able to go all week without any grocery store shopping excursions for dinner and my lunches.  And - before you think it! - we didn't eat out once this week.  Not a once (except for Mr. Smith's work dinner, which was paid for)! 

So, me thinks a $0 amount for this week still gets some credit, right? 

I've already printed out my Publix shopping list with coupons for this weekend though, don't you worry.  And maybe even hitting up CVS and Fred's (by the way, did you know Fred's doubles coupons up to 70 cents on Saturdays?). 

Next mission:  Find the best bargain for Dreft. 
That's the baby laundry detergent, for those of you out of the loop.  It has been told to me numerous times it's the best.  However, I can't quite get over the sticker shock of its price, plus I NEVER see it on sale or coupons for it anywhere.  I scored a $2 off coupon from their website, but they say it will be mailed to me.  Who mails stuff these days? 

Helpful hints for Dreft are requested. 
Or the best stores to snag this prized jewel without having a stroke at the cost. 



    I use Charlies soap and I love it. I have friends with babies who use this. I save money using this over my previous brand of all free and clear. I have severe allergies to fragrences and highly recommend this. I use 1 tablespoon of it no matter how large a load and it gets all of my clothes clean! I highly recommend it. (i buy mine at whole foods)

  2. I sometimes got Dreft coupons in Target mailers. I used Dreft for a while but eventually switched to Tide Free, but it's pricey too, at least coupons for it are sometimes easier to find!

  3. I Used Dreft will my first two up to 6 months and then used our regular detergent but for Reese my mom told me to try All and I have to say it works just fine and is much cheaper. You should try it. They have a baby version.

  4. I'm sorry I happened upon your blog one day but as a mother I felt compelled to comment. I personally used ALL Free detergent. It is unscented and free from harsh chemicals without the sticker shock of Dreft. My mother works for a dermatologist who recommended this detergent even more so then Dreft for a newborn's sensitive skin.