Sunday, June 22, 2014

Harrison @ Three

With all the focus on our newest nugget, I don't want to forget Mr. Harrison's entry at 3-years-old.

This kid.... THIS KID.... keeps me on my toes.  

He's full of energy, from the time he wakes until we can finally get him to sleep, which sometimes reaches 10pm.  This guy is running at full speed most of the time, jumping off of things, jumping onto things, jumping on the bed, jumping on the couch, jumping... everywhere.  You get the idea.  I have a heart attack at least once a day when I hear big thud.  I hold my breath until I hear either laughter or crying - usually it's pure laughter and a "Mom! Watch me - that was awesome!"  

Luckily, about 90% of the time, he is awesome - sweet and affectionate. He loves giving kisses and hugs to his loved ones, and is so very protective and precious of Baby Brother.  His teachers say he is naturally sweet to his classroom friends, as well as the teachers' pet.  

But that 10%.... oh that 10%.... is pure toddler terrorism.  
There's several moments he spends in full out tantrum, and then consequently the time-out corner.  

And we've entered the "Why?" phrase after anything that Mr. Smith and I say.
Where I have replied, "Because I said so!" more times than I can count.

He's so smart, and knows his colors, alphabet, and numbers, as well as surprises us with things like moving at warp speed through the iPhones.  He also recited the Pledge of Allegiance the other day, catching me completely off guard.  

He's still a picky eater, and while his school claims he eats "all or most" for morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack (LIES), it's rough to get him to eat anything but his faves on the weekend, which include cinnamon rolls and all other sweets.  We're big fans of Pediasure around here, and still give him small helpings of whatever I fix for dinner.... to minimal results most of the time.

He is still a huge fan of anything Disney Junior, and now he's branched out to Clifford the Big Red Dog, as well as Paw Patrol and Dora on Nick, Jr.  

He's also a big fan of old gospel music, thanks to Martin's grandfather, Pop, who sings in a men's gospel quartet.  We must always be playing "Pop's CD" in the car, and you can catch H singing such tunes as  "Count Your Blessings" and "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" around the house.  

We love you Big Guy!  

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. Psalm 139:14

This scripture has been weaving itself in and out of my thoughts upon Parker's arrival.

While pregnant, I often wondered how different Baby #2 would be and how we would adjust to having another little one around the house.  

Would their personalities be completely different?  And corresponding sleeping and eating habits?
What if they were so different I wouldn't know what to do with this one because those tricks only worked with Harrison and not Parker?

I'm finding that Parker is completely different than Harrison, with subtle differences showing themselves even in pregnancy and these first few months together.

And yet, as his mother, I'm able to comfort and soothe just as well as with Harrison.
Another one of God's designs - mothers.  

They are quite different, actually, but we're adapting:

1.  Harrison hated to be swaddled.  With a passion.  He still kicks off all his covers and blankets.
Parker - loves it so far.  Swaddling usually calms his down and he doesn't "Houdini" his way out of it.

2.  Harrison only wanted to sleep on his tummy; Parker is a good back sleeper.  
Special thanks to the Rock-n-Play for this - where was this with Harrison?

3.  Parker has a bit more reflux and hiccups than Harrison - actually, Harrison never really spit up or had the hiccups at all.  Parker gets the hiccups 3-4 times a day.  Parker also likes to eat "double duty" most times, whereas Harrison only was a "single" eater, which led to more frequent feedings.  


I guess the most important I catch myself doing is thinking "Wow, well with Harrison we did this.  Or this is just like Harrison!" instead of "Wow, look at Parker doing this for his own first time" like we did with Harrison.  It's a bit harder to take note of the "firsts" with Parker, and easier to make comparisons (especially with a wild 3-year-old running around).  

However, I'm thankful that they are both showing the same sweet personalities, especially with each other!  It will be even more fascinating to watch as they both grow older to see their differences and similarities.