Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

Last night I had the pleasure of a February Girls Night Out.  GNO took place at the new Mugshots restaurant - a fav in our college town, which just opened up here.  Um, their burgers are delish.  And while everyone else sipped their own frosty beverage, I managed to stay in the circle with my own frosty mug - filled with chocolate milkshake of course.  What my baby wants, my baby gets. 

I will say that there were some touch and go moments with Mugshots... but we're attributing it to it being their 2nd day open for business.  And with some experience, we're confident their wait staff will jump on board at some point.  The food is for sure worth the return...

Last night's conversation headed towards couponing, which of course, Mrs. Searson and I heartily endorsed.  While Mrs. Searson is clearly more of the "expert" and I'm the "novice", I think we managed to persuade everyone to at least try it one good time. 

I'm getting better and better at it!  This past Sunday's Publix bill:  $48.67.  Saved:  $24.05.  And we've got food until next Friday.  Me likey. 

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