Thursday, November 14, 2013


After repeated questions of "When are you going to cut his hair?" I finally caved and we went in for the Big Haircut a couple of weekends ago, just me and my H.

His long locks had grown out of the cute baby curls sometime over the Summer, but I just couldn't break myself to make the cut.

No matter how many times I was told, "Oh she's so pretty."

And, so, off we went.  To Great Clips in our neighborhood.

I laughed.  I cried.  Time stood still.  

But it was done.

He was just as nervous, but in the end - big smiles all around.

I swear it aged him 5 years.  

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Baptism Fit for a Princess

We were excited to celebrate Miss Elizabeth's Baptism a couple of weeks ago.

She is an exquisite, beautiful baby girl, and we love her so!

H loves his Cousin "Biz Bet" and showers her with affection, albeit sometimes forcefully.

It's so wonderful to be able to see Sister's devotion  as a Mommy - she's a natural and E lights up when she hears Sister's voice or sees her face.  

E's baptism gown has been in the Whitfield family for years, and apparently worn by all the Whitfield children - how awesome is that?  It was gorgeous.


Halloween Trunk or Treat

We had a blast at this year's Trunk or Treat at H's school!

We went with a pirate theme this year, to go along with H's "Jake the Neverland Pirate" costume.

First, the parade.

H was a little overwhelmed and needed some special attention.
Or just a ploy for some attention from his teacher?
I think we know the answer to this question, folks.

As you can see, I am dressed as a pirate too, so I can match the theme of our Trunk or Treat!
I did not wear this to work, I assure you.
(Mr. Smith is too cool for costumes.)

Now he's smiling! 

We dressed up the back of the car with a treasure map, inflatable parrot, treasure chest with chocolate gold coins, and borrowed several of H's "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" toys as well.

A hit!