Sunday, March 9, 2014

Modern Mommy Must Have's

Things that make life a little bit easier around here:

1.  Amazon - I'm an Amazon Prime, Subscribe & Save, Amazon Mom Lover.  
At the first of the month, I get delivered to my door a month's supply of Pull-Ups, Wipes, Toliet Paper, Cat Food, and Cleaning Supplies.  For 20% off the price.  
If I need something pretty fast?  Amazon will usually have it to me within 2 days and at a super low price.  

I do my grocery shopping in 2-week intervals, which means if you don't tell me to get it, you gotta wait 2 weeks around here.  (Okay, I'm not that much of a drill sergeant, but you get the idea.)  My account makes it super easy for me to build my own grocery list with their Weekly Ad for our store - it even tells you what aisle its on.  Not to mention their Digital Coupon ability - which downloads electronically to the cash register once I put my cell phone number in at the keypad.  

I think I've boasted on before, but this free modern marvel helps this Financial Nerd function with monthly budgets and updated aggregate tracking of accounts.  Drool.  

4.  iPhone
I know this is kind of a cop out, but my iPhone keeps me sane.  Not only does it have all the apps I need mentioned above (Amazon, Publix, Mint), but also lots of fun (free) apps to keep H entertained when we're out to dinner, waiting somewhere, simmer down temper tantrums, etc.  These fun apps include PBS Kids, Disney Junior, and YouTube - where H knows how to scroll over to the History section and watch clips of Sharky & Bones, Sesame Street, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.   Recently, thebump's app has kept me honest about keeping up with what week this pregnancy is in.  

5. Kindle
I'm not cool enough for an iPad,but I do love my Kindle.  It's usually thrown in my work purse, in case I can spare 30 minutes of reading while eating my lunch.  I love the instant download ability and the fact you can score free books on Amazon (or heavily discounted ones).   

6.  Family Calendar
With everything so "modern," I'm still a sucker for our family calendar which is on our refrigerator.  I love updating it at the beginning of every month, and it serves as a visible reminder of important dates and events for that month - getting us excited about the weekend's adventures.

7. Social Media
Everyone is so busy these days - which you can visibly see on facebook and Instagram, amongst others.  There's a certain comfort in knowing your friends (especially the mommy friends) are just as busy as you are, trying to do their best too.  Plus I love seeing everyone's kiddo's adventures with their daily updates and such.  I know some people complain about how social media avenues have actually provided silo's for human interaction, but I think it's the opposite - I love the connectivity.  I think it just depends how you look at it.  

What about y'all?  What are some of your can't-live-without Mommy helpers?  

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Funny is a Must Read Right Now

With a bit of a crazy life  of working, toddler-world, and getting-ready-for #2 - I somehow managed to read another book.

God Bless the person who invented the Kindle.

I'm still making my way through The Happiness Project, but needed a time-out for some laughter.

And by laughter, I mean - serious laughter.
Like - maybe wet your pants if you're 7 months pregnant kind of laughter.
I cannot confirm or deny this happened.
More than once.

I digress from my first world problems.

Mindy Kaling is hilarious.

Special thanks to Sis-in-Law Melanie for saying how good this book was.

If you need a light-hearted, laugh-inducing read - this is it.  

Celebrating Kirk with a Hole in One Birthday Party!

We recently par-tayed with this lively crew for the big occasion of Kirk turning one!
Honestly, one-year-old?
Where does the time go?

Mrs. Carroll did a super cute "Hole in One" themed party - check out her creativity with the food!

H graciously lent "Baby Turk" his jump house for the par-tay.
Even Mr. Smith - Baby Whisperer - got in on the fun.

As well as the grandparents. 

Mrs. Carroll's cupcakes were a huge hit - 
have I mentioned my Little Guy loves anything cake-related?

Big Man Kirk got lots of cute presents for his par-tay...

And then it was time for the Big Smash Cake and Birthday Song.

Treading cautiously - what is this new thing you want me to eat?

Sometimes it helps when Mommy puts the icing on your mouth for you.

New love of cake?  Maybe not so much this first time around.
Mommy jumps in for the rescue.

And... proof that I was actually there!  Just hiding behind the camera until I remembered to get one snapped at the end with H.