Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I've got Spring Fever... how about you?

How about that weather we had here in Bama this weekend?  Gorgeous.  Absolutely gorgeous!  I couldn't get over it.  Mr. Smith, Cooper and I soaked up the rays outside as much as possible, and grilled out both Saturday and Sunday nights for dinner.  It doesn't take a whole lot to tease us Southerners, that's for sure.  Fingers crossed that groundhog tomorrow does his duty and predicts an early Spring!  (It also doesn't help that it's a cold, rainy 50 degrees outside right now, with tomorrow's forecast of a Low 29.  Ugh.)

Mr. Smith and I did some more "To Do List" items this weekend.  I feel like it never ends, people.  After starting his Saturday with breakfast in bed prepared by yours truly (Gotta keep the romance alive, right?  Especially before Baby Smith gets here!)  Mr. Smith cleaned out and vaccuumed both cars, and finished cleaning out the storage closet.  We're putting a little freezer in there in the near future, for storage purposes of the Mommy Milk.  Cooper also received a much-needed bath after this weekend romps in the backyard.

I did my weekend run to Publix - Spent $58.22, Savings $30.80.  I also happened to scoop up some diaper deals at both CVS and Target, which meets my February quota ahead of schedule.  (I'm also 68% sure that Mr. Smith is already sick of the diapers, but I keep telling him that the hoarding being prepared will pay off come late Spring.)

We're also having new flooring installed this Friday, so I spent a lot of time transferring my China, Crystal, and Arthur Court from the dining room to the nursery.  With lots of mental reminders of "This will be over in one week." 

It wasn't all work and no play.  We watched both "The A Team" and "Red" this weekend as well.  Highly recommend "Red."  Hysterical, and John Malkovich's character kept us in stitches.  And here's hoping I can only vaguely resemble Helen Mirren at that age.  Classically timeless! 

I started my work week with this yesterday:

Don't be jealous. 
More on that fun topic in this week's Preggers Post. 

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  1. Yuck! I drew fruit punch and it was absolutely disgusting! They do not give you near enough time to drink that stuff. I can still get sick thinking about it. It sounds like y'all are getting ready - so exciting!!