Thursday, October 28, 2010

Forging ahead to a fun weekend...

... celebrating the Soon-to-be-Searsons becoming the Newly-Married-Searsons!  Hooray!  I can't believe this Big Day is finally here for one of our favorite couples. 

Here's Mrs. Soon-to-be-Searson and me on my Big Day, many moons ago. 
I can't wait to stand by her side this weekend!

Main Agenda for the Wedding Weekend
Fitting into bridesmaid dress.  Ever seen that scene in "The Devil Wears Prada" wear Stanley Tucci tells Anne Hathaway that with a little Crisco and fishing line he'll get her into the dress?  Point taken, Stanley.  I've already requested Bride to please place me in the back of all photos.  Special thanks ahead of time.

I feel like once I get into this dress, the party can start.  I'm super excited to not only be a part of this Day o' Love for Erin and Matt, but seeing all of our sorority sisters coming into town. 

This bridesmaid is ready to shake her tailfeather. 
(And eat lots of delicious wedding food, cake, and ice cream.  See where my priorities are lately?  ) 

Pictures of the weekend to come later! 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Meet Baby Smith

(I promise this is my last preggers post this week.) 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Let's Keep It Real Here...

Being preggers is a huge adjustment on one's life.  Being "surprise preggers" is an even bigger adjustment, as certain favorite things are yanked away from you literally overnight. 

Top 10 Favorite Things I Already Miss..... (see some of you in about 6 months!)

1.  Reckless Abandonment with Caffeine - oh Mountain Dew, how I miss you.  I was a 2-3 per day soft drink drinker.  Not that I've given up soft drinks entirely, but I usually have about 2-3 soft drinks a week.  A WEEK.  And usually only when I get a really nasty headache (which I'm finding out is caused by pregnancy hormones).  And it's usually a Coke, because I've read horrible things about diet soft drinks + pregnancy. 

2.  Sushi - I would kill for a Bagel Roll, Philly Roll, or Crunchy Shrimp Roll right about now. 

3.  Denny Dogs - these delectable stadium hot dogs were quickly crossed off the acceptable foods list.  However, it has not stopped Mr. Smith from eating them in front of me at every. home.  game.  He's understanding like that, you know. 

4.  Speaking of football season - this one has been quite different.  No frosty beverages to celebrate our victories (or commiserate our one loss this season).  No visits to The Strip on Game Day.  No appearances at Gallette's (um, gross - I can only imagine what lives on the floor in that place, and I'm not about to expose Baby Smith to that.) 

5. Delicious Cheeses - this one just makes me sad.  No feta, no goat cheese, no brie.  Good-bye my friends, see you in a few months.  Don't forget about me. 

6.  Most Medicines - I dealt with a nasty sinus infection early in the pregnancy because we were too paranoid to take anything.  Turns out you can take several things safely, but we didn't know that and were sticking to the "Man it out, Christina" mentality.  It was awesome, especially the 2am nosebleeds.  Turns out you bleed more easily when preggers.  Sweet. 

7.  A full night's sleep - trips to the bathroom about 2 times per night does not give one a peaceful REM cycle.  Is this practice for later feedings? 

8.  Buttoning one's pants - I think I covered this one earlier, but for someone who has always been on the smaller side, this takes some getting used to. 

9.  Having a strong stomach - I've always had a pretty strong stomach.  Not easily grossed out by anything, until now.  Now some things literally make my stomach turn over.  For example, raw meat.  Who knows why?  Anyone?  Is it the smell?  The look of it?  I've been trying really hard with the whole "mind over matter" philosophy with this one, which usually works.  Thankfully my will power is stronger that my stomach right now. 

10.  Peaceful teeth brushing - as a life long member of the No Cavity Club, I've always been a diligent tooth brusher.  Now, I dread it.  Every morning, it's the same song and dance cause and effect.  Brushing the teeth leads to violent gagging.  Violent.  

Happy Week 13! Baby Smith grows to the size of a peach this week - isn't that cute? 

Friday, October 22, 2010


No, not 13 National Championships (which we do have by the way.  Ahem.  Roll Tide.), but today I start my 13th week of pregnancy.


Surprise!  Mr. and Mrs. Smith are getting ready to welcome Baby Smith into our little family.  Today begins my 2nd Trimester, and I honestly cannot believe the 1st one went by so fast. 

Some tidbits for you readers:

1.  I'm an anti-pee stick picture person, so rest assured you will not be seeing any pictures of said pee stick pregnancy tests on this blog.  But to each their own, and if you're proud to show off that pee stick picture, then by all means, show away. 

2.  We found out on Wednesday, September 1st that the miracle of life was growing away.  Yes, it's been unbelievably hard not to write about it on here, but we wanted to wait until the 1st trimester was over.  (And because we had been told - countless times, really - about the possibility of miscarriage in the 1st trimester.  Which here's a side note - that's really, really insensitive to a newly preggers mommy who is trying to deal with fluctuating emotions and the overall excitement.)  It is pretty amazing what people will start telling you when they find out you're pregnant.  And by amazing I mean shocking.  The truth comes out once you're initiated into the Pregnancy Club. 

3.  No, we were not actively trying or planning.  By that I mean we were not taking temperatures, tracking anything on a calendar, etc.  We have been praying about it for quite some time, and left if up to the Big Guy on when He would like to entrust us with a little one.  We just didn't know it would be quite so soon. 

Pregnancy Tidbits:

1.  Baby Smith is the size of a lime.
2.  Due date is Cinco de Mayo.  Of course it is, right?  Fingers crossed Baby Smith will not be born on a day celebrated with margaritas, sombreros, and maracas.  No need for a complex so early in life.

3.  I've been feeling great!  I was lucky and had no morning sickness at all during the 1st trimester.  The only time I get nauseous is when I don't eat, so I try to eat every few hours. 

I did deal with the extreme fatigue, which was hard because I'm usually running around like a chicken with my head cut off. 

Let's see what else....  I didn't realize how hungry you got.  I liken this to having a tape worm, and I'm ravenous when I eat.  If I don't get my lunch/dinner on time, I turn into The Hulk.  It's not pretty. 

Also, brushing my teeth in the morning leads to some pretty violent gagging.  That's about the grossest thing so far. 

And... my pants are really hard to button already.  I've been using a rubberband, which we think is pretty funny as well.  Dresses are my friends.

4.  What's going on right now?  The search for daycare has started, since I'll be a working mommy.  I'm open to suggestions on this, so please let me know if you have any advice on this area. 

I'm heading to Cullman this Saturday to look over the nursery furniture that my mother has saved from when we were little (just because you have a little one doesn't mean you have to stop being frugal, right?).  Mr. Smith is in Knoxville this weekend with his family, which gives me some nice down time to do this. 

5.  We don't know if it's a boy or girl yet, nor do we care which one it is.  We will be finding out, because let's see... I'm incredibly Type A and want everything as organized and planned out as much as possible before D-Day.  We should be finding out around 18 weeks, so I'll be sure to let you know!

I think that's it for now!  I'll be sure to keep you updated on all things Baby Smith, gender, nursery, etc. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Rest of our Weekend...

.... was chock full of business.  Saturday morning we took my car in for a routine tire rotation and balance at NTB.  While I was there, I asked if they would mind taking a look at the brakes, in their free brake inspection special.  We ended up leaving the car there and taking Cooper to the dog park since they said it would only be a couple of hours.

False.  Several hours later, NTB called to say my brakes were, how shall we say, shot.  I would need new front brakes, new front rotors, something called a new hub on my right rear wheel, yada, yada, yada.  All for just $1300.  And they would throw in that tire rotation and balance for free.  How gracious

After reviving myself and saying things like brakes were probably necessary, we ventured on to Tuscaloosa for the Homecoming game against Ole Miss. Father-in-Law surprised us with tickets in the box, so I am one spoiled gal now. I ate like a champ up there - no holds barred, people.

I do want to say something about the Ole Miss fans - you are a classless group of people.  The box where we were seating was right above your Visitor section, and I was horrified at your behavior.  You actually cheered - CHEERED - when our Mr. Kirkpatrick got hurt on the field.  And showed little to no respect with the National Anthem, UA Alma Mater, and the like.  Saw it with my own eyes and could not get over it.  Go learn some manners, please. 

Sunday morning, we came back to B'ham to pick up my car (which does drive quite nicely now, I must admit) and I headed to the Trussville Cinemans to watch "You Again" with the Gateway Campus kids for a Junior Board activity.  Movie = very funny.  Kristen Bell - you've got a new fan here. 

Sunday late afternoon was spent doing a little yardwork with Mr. Smith, and then we rested to watch "Letters to Juliet."  Not Mr. Smith's choice, but my turn via NetFlix.  Also very cute. 

Low of the Weekend = my new part ownership of NTB.

High of the Weekend = watching my Tide beat the Ole Miss Rebels Black Bears.  Especially after their tacky behavior. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Date Night with Mr. Smith...

... was a success!  And, just for you budget buddies out there, was less than $50! 

We headed to see this movie first:

And I recommend it.  So cute and a little bit more complex that we had first thought. 

After the movie we headed to Satterfield's, a Birmingham treasure, for dessert. 
It's right behind the Summit, so it was perfect for a quick little jaunt after the movie.

Mr. Smith enjoyed the Beignets with Sauteed Apples and Homemade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, while I scarfed down the Double Chocolate Sourdough Bread Pudding with Kahlua Caramel and Sweetened Cream.

More details about the Homecoming game to come! 

P.S.  This guy was a little chilly this morning, so I practiced my swaddling with him. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

October Girls Night Out...

...was last night and lots of tears were shed.  From sheer laughter, that is.  I don't know why we all torture ourselves over the re-telling of college stories.... specifically those of a Spring Break theme.  I swear my sides still hurt from laughing so hard.  Overall theme?  "What were we thinking???"  Exactly. 

But I love those memories (most of them), and I love those gals.  I think Mrs. Wallace summed it up best when she said something along the lines of it's hard to get embarrassed about your own "stories" when you know every gal sitting there has one just like it.  Or something like that.  I'm paraphrasing.  But it's true!  To be able to sit there and take a trip down memory lane with these girls (which was almost 10 whole years ago, as Mrs. Rowlen pointed out), is something to be cherished.

We tried out Chuy's, a new TexMex restaurant at The Summit.  Verrrrrrry nice.  Verrrrrrrrrry yummy.  Verrrrrrrrrrrrry cold on their balcony.  I had the heater on full blast on the way home, which was around 8:30pm.  Did I mention we're getting older? 

Mr. Smith is taking me on a Date Night tonight, that he planned all by himself.  I know we're seeing "Life As We Know It" but that's about it.  I can't wait!  Sometimes we forget to actually take a night for just the two of us, so I'm pretty pumped at the opportunity.  Tomorrow we head down to T-Town for the Alabama Homecoming Game.  After last week's "Day of Darkness" which I have not and will not talk about, here's hoping for a better showing from my beloved Tide. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quick Roundtrip for a T-Town Wedding!

This weekend, amidst the Southern Women's Show marathon, Mr. Smith and I made a quick roundtrip to T-Town to celebrate our friends Ben and Ellison's wedding. 

It was just like the wedding reception in Father of the Bride: outside, white tent, white lights, beautiful weather, beautiful bride = just lovely!

 Doesn't Mrs. Carroll look so trendy in her dress?  Love it. 

Got to catch up and bust a few moves with these ladies...

Carrolls and Smiths.... Best Friends Forever. 

The lovely bride, Mrs. Uzzell.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Southern Women's Show

I've resurfaced after a long four days here...

But while I was there, I got to meet lots of fascinating people who stopped by our booth.

I also got to see a favorite of mine: Giuliana Rancic.

I liked her before, but now I might love her.

SO funny.  SO down-to-earth.  SO willing to share funny stories about celebrities.

 I also bore witness to a rather disturbing phenomenon:  The Annual Firefighters Fashion Show.  It's a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society where some of our area firefighters come out and strut their stuff. 

And by strut their stuff, I mean bust-a-move and take off their shirts. 

By disturbing, I don't mean the firefighters.  (Well, there's was one disturbing creeper who wouldn't leave the stage....)

I mean the women in attendance.  I've never such actions from grown women.  It seemed the motto was the older you were, the wilder you could act. 

My co-worker Jamie and I couldn't tear our eyes away. 

From the actions of the women, not the firefighters. 


Here's a pic snapped with my phone at the "grande finale", where they all come out with their firefighter garb on.  What I want you to look at is the flock of women running up to the stage, eager to stuff their dollar bills in their pants. 

And yes, that's a young child (maybe 7-years-old?) on the right in a purple t-shirt.  You can never start too young for important life lessons right?  Jeez Louise.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Cooper!

Last night we celebrated Cooper the Pooper's 1st Birthday with a little party.  We started off the night with some homemade potato soup in bread bowls and a salad.  Delicious!

Then... it was Party Time.  Coop Dawg racked up big time with a couple of new bones, tennis balls, and a not-annoying-at-all squeaky hamburger toy from Sister and Husband.

Everything coordinated so well with matching (human) cupcakes, doggie print napkins, and doggie print birthday hats. 

Don't judge me - it was cute, okay?

Even Cooper liked his hat.  For about 15 seconds. 

We also served Cooper a birthday cake made especially for him. It was so easy to make!

Mix together 2 cups flour, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 1/3 cup honey, 1/4 cup peanut butter, 1 cup chopped/sliced carrots, 1 egg.

Put it all in a 8" round pan.

Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

For the icing, I used plain yogurt.

He loved it!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Chomp that Gators... 31-6!

Ah, another blissful weekend of football victory at the Capstone. 

31-6.... It does a soul good.

Spending a glorious Saturday in Tuscaloosa never ceases to amaze me, particularly with tailgating.  I'd like to share some pretty basic - common sense really - rules for tailgating on our Quad.  Visitors take heed.

1.  Clothing - please wear it.  No one wants to see your personal regions, ok?  Especially if it's barely clothed in the opposing teams colors.  I don't think I've ever seen so many spandex dresses (one size too small, if I may add) in all my life.

2.  Walking - this is America, Europe.  Please walk on the right side of the sidewalk.  And while we're at it, please do not stop on the sidewalk.  It's a moving pathway.  Keep it flowing. 

3.  Back to clothing, and this speaks for Alabama fans.  A pal and I talked about this on Saturday.  (Mrs. Baker, actually!).  What's up with some of the "Gameday Outfits" gals are wearing?  If it's red and houndstooth, you just wear it?  Even if it doesn't match or fit appropriately?  Just because all the colors and patterns are there, it doesn't mean you have to wear it.  Mrs. Baker can explain this better.  I may suggest her to add a blurb on her blob about it at a later date. 

Enjoyed seeing some of my favorite ladies this weekend:

Spending time with Sister.

And my Mrs. Shepherd! 
Kudos to photographer Mr. Smith for capturing his silhouette as the picture-taker.

No clue why no snapshots of Mrs. Baker and myself.  After all the effort she made to find us on the Quad! 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Wow.  It's October 1st today.  Where has the time gone?  We are eagerly looking forward to the cooler weather, and today feels glorious outside.  It's finally feeling like football season!  (Or hunting season, as Mr. Smith would say.) 

We're starting October having reached two important financial goals, which you know excited my little nerd heart.  As of today, October 1st, ladies and gentlemen.... the Smith's are credit card debt free.  Yep, each of our credit cards has a zero balance, including our Sam's Club Card.  (We don't really have store cards, just one main credit card each & the Sam's Club card...)

We also reachd our Savings account goal recently, which was a joyous occasion.

It really doesn't take a whole lot to please me, now that I'm thinking about it. 

Next stop?  Paying off my car loan.  Hoping to do that by the year's end or shortly thereafter.  I would love to start 2011 completely debt-free (which the exception of our student loans).  Fingers crossed!

October is going to be a busy month for us!  Of course there's our beloved Crimson Tide's schedule (priorities people!), but we're celebrating Cooper's first birthday next week with a little party.  Yes, roll your eyes, go ahead.  I'm planning on making him a doggie-friendly birthday cake, so we'll see how that goes.  Mr. Smith also purchased him a brand new doggie bed as his birthday present. 

The Soon-to-be-Searson's will be the actual Now-We-are-Wedded-Searson's, which we are really looking forward to celebrating at the end of the month!  These two are very special friends, and we can't wait to initiate them into newlywed bliss.  I also can't wait to slip on my cute bridesmaid dress that Miss Wolfe picked out from J Crew!

Here's hoping everyone has a fabulous Fall weekend!  We will be in T-Town cheering on our #1 Team (not just in our hearts... in the country, you know) to defeat the Florida Gators.  After last week's Arkansas nail-biter, I'm already a nervous wreck. 

Roll Tide Folks!