Friday, February 18, 2011

Show us your Life Friday's.... Alma Mater Style!

Due to the fact that it's Friday and this busy week has me drained of creativity... I'll take the bait with Kelly's Korner "Show us your life Fridays" with her Alma Mater theme.

My Alma Mater:

Tuscaloosa, AL

Years Attended:
(OMG, I am old)

Why I bleed Crimson:
My four years at "The Capstone" are some of the best years yet.  I actually don't remember applying to any other school, even though I had scholarship offers elsewhere.  Nope - I was Alabama-bound from Day One. 

My freshmen year I pledged Phi Mu sorority, and ended up with some of the best friends a gal could ask for!  (Mrs. Searson and Mrs. Shepherd, for visual references)

I also met my husband there, first as acquaintances through the Greek system, then as best buds as SGA comrades, later on (shortly after graduation) as romantic interests... now married and expecting a baby! 

My years at Bama were exciting and busy, both academic and extracurricular-wise.  I majored in Public Relations from the College of Communications, and loved being involved on campus - Sorority President, SGA Vice President of Academic Affairs, College of Communications Student Executive Council Vice President, College of Communications Ambassador, all those honor societies... I was one busy lady. 

However... I had fun.  And lots of it.  What else is college for if not exploring your options and making life-long buds? 

Why my child will attend Alabama (or at least be a Roll Tide fan forever and always):
The traditions of the school run deep in this family.  We are avid football fans - of the 2009 National Championship team and Heisman winner, in case you missed that - as well as fans of the academic world of Bama. 

Mr. Smith and I love this world of traditions - tailgating in the Fall on the Quad, The Strip (in our younger days, of course), running into old college pals, the beauty of the campus... the list goes on and on. 


  1. Don't forget our own fabric pattern!

  2. My family is split down the middle- Grandmother went to the University of TN, and Granddaddy went to Alabama- then my aunt went to UT and my uncle went to Bama and their kids went to UT and Bama and so on and so forth. I broke tradition and went to MTSU. :)

    Living in Huntsville, we are surrounded by Bama grads! Over from Kelly's Korner!

  3. Roll Tide! I'm Mary Kathryn- born and raised in Tuscaloosa. (and still living here with my hubs and kiddos, who are little Bama fans) Found you on Kelly's Korner today- I think you're the only UA grad who linked up. Can that be possible? Anyway- just wanted to stop by and say hello. I'm actually the first in my family not to go to UA (gasp) but my major didn't exist here until just a few years ago. I see that you're expecting- congrats! Blessings on you and your little one!