Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Meanderings...

What a productive weekend!  We crossed several items off of the "To Do" list, including filing our Income Taxes.  I don't know about you, but I love filing our Income Taxes.  Love it!  But, I'm a total nerd, so I get where it could be seen as painful to many. 

Because I'm so Type A, I keep up with everything religiously throughout the year in a tax folder, so when it's time to file - BAM! - there's all my information.  I'm pretty excited about the refund scheduled for us Smith's.... and the things we can do with it, like pay off my car before Baby Smith gets here.

In Couponing Update News...
I totally racked up this weekend.  Racked.  Up. 

In case you didn't know, Publix was having a "Stock Up and Save" special.  So, my bill was a bit higher than usual.  But who could pass up their Campbell's Soup 10 for $10 deal?  Not this lady.  I mean, you can literally dump "Cream of Mushroom" on practically anything and it will be delicious.  Spent: $101.94.  Saved: $52.40.

I also racked up at CVS!  Spent:  $52.99.  Saved: $42.30.

(I'm also pretty sure that we are set for the next 6 months in laundry detergent, soap, deoderant, and shampoo.)

Why the hoarding stocking up?  I'm petrified of going on Bed Rest before Baby Smith gets here.  Scared out of my knickers.  And the only way this will be a tad easier for me is knowing we are as stocked up as possible.  When you're the CFO of a household (Mr. Smith is the CEO, I'm the CFO), there's a certain weight of responsibility with all things budgetary.  Mr. Smith is a busy little worker bee at his job, with things only looking busier on his horizon.  I don't want the "Honey, we're completely out of soap" facts of life to be a thorn in his side anytime soon.  I'm trying to keep his bubble of always having the fridge and pantry stocked still a bubble. 

Plus, I don't want to live with the fear of an expensive grocery bill courtesy of Mr. Smith "just because it was easier" or "well, we just have never tried eel before" or "but I only like the brand names".  Ahem.  Women - do you agree? 

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