Wednesday, October 31, 2012

18 Months Old!

Dear Harrison,

You are 18 months old!  

You.  Are.  Into.  Everything.
And developing quite the personality to match!

I know every mom thinks this, but you are just so smart.

Not to get into every single details, but you're giving us a run for our money.

You're still mesmerized by how things work, flicking the lights on and off, ceiling fans, remote controls, iphones, books, etc.  You love playing hide and seek under chairs, tables, curtains, etc.  

Still a picky eater - when does this stop? - and loving your carbs.  

But, your pediatrician declares your perfection, so I'm not going to stress about it.  

You are such the little man, and so very, very persnickety about your routine.  

I know your grandparents think I'm crazy for running around trying to keep you on your Schedule, but things go haywire really fast if we get off of it too much.

Your vocabulary is slowly starting to pick up, and you love to blow kisses, give kisses, give hugs, and be a helper to Mommy.  And by helping, I mean bringing Mommy clothes, stuffed animals, various items around the house, shoes and the like.  You also like to reorganize your things, which is just darling.

We love you!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I found this ah-mazing Chicken Dinner on Pinterest, and we tried it out tonight.
Cha-ching - add it to the rotation, puh-lease.

Super, super easy.

Put uncooked chicken breasts, 2 cans uncooked green beans (drained), and cut up red potatoes in 9X13 casserole dish.

Pour 2/3 cup melted butter mixed with Italian dressing mix over it.

Cover with foil and bake at 350 degrees for one hour.

Done and all-in-one!

Bonus for all three main items being on Sale at Publix this week.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trunk or Treat!

Last Friday,  I got to experience my very first "Trunk or Treat" at H's school.

They started off with a Parade of Costumes, then the kids hit the parking lot to load up on delicious goodies.

Someone (who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent) had mentioned to me earlier in the week, "Hey, Mrs. Smith, don't worry about it if you can't get your car decorated or make the homemade goodies like the stay-at-home moms.  I know you're a working mom, so we're just excited you're coming."

Excuse me?

Um...Challenge Accepted.

We went with a "safari, jungle theme."

Complete with Mommy Smith as Zookeeper.  
Might I mention, I was one of two mommies in costume. 

I'll say it once, and I'll say it again - you must have no fear of looking silly as a Mommy.

I know one little giraffe who loved Mommy in costume.
(And also tried to make new friends with a Pumpkin.)

Very excited to have Paw Paw and Dee Dee joining for the event. 

We passed out homemade s'more goodie bags... 

And "Have a Wild Halloween!" animal cracker goodie bags.

 And someone strutted his stuff as the cutest giraffe ever, racking up lots of sweet goodies.
Which I've really enjoyed snacking on this weekend.

Happy Trunk or Treat!
Onward to Halloween!

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Girl Can Dream, Right?

So, during our 3-hour cruise on Saturday in Knoxville, I took a few snapshots of some absolutely gorgeous houses.

A "Real Estate Wish List," if you will.

Come indulge with me! 

 Verrrrry niiiiiiiice, right?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rocky Top Domination

Happy Sunday, folks.

And a "Merry Roll Tide!" as well.

We've just returned home from our Rocky Top Domination.

It's a bit of a tradition to travel to the game by the river.

The sea river was ours for the taking yesterday!

With our fearless Captain ready to command the rough waters.
(I will not lie - the Gulligan's Island theme song ran through my head more than once.)

The scenery was gorgeous - hello Fall Foliage!

And we got plenty of quality time with Uncle Terry.

When in Knoxville, the boats tie together to form a mighty "tailgating" line-up.

It is important when surrounded by enemies, clothed in orange, to lay low.

And by that I mean... completely dominate them on the field.

Roll Tide!!!

Thanks for playing Vols - see you again next year!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Raise Your Hand...

Raise your hand if you had a fun wedding weekend in T-Town!

Raise your hand if you had some quality Sister Time.

Raise your hand if you ate entirely too much at the Rehearsal Dinner.

Raise your hand if you were cheesy and took pictures of the gorgeous centerpieces.

Raise your hand if you made your father-in-law pose every second with your child, to capture the sunset.

Raise your hand if you loved dancing with your Aunt "Nana."

Raise your hand if you had an eight-year-old become obsessed with you.

Raise your hand if you discovered the front row of a band stage.

Raise your hand if you broke it down, 18-month-old style.

Raise your hand if you want to be a bass guitarist when you grow up.

Raise your hand if you stayed up way past your bed time.

Raise your hand if you showed some newlyweds just how glamorous married/mommyhood is and greeted them to help them get ready for Honeymoon Departure in an old college t-shirt and pajama pants at 8:45pm.

Raise your hand if you just got married and are on Cloud Nine!