Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Even More Wedding Pics...

... no judging, I'm still learning. 

But here are some pictures of the pre-wedding day festivities that I snapped.

This last picture is just really my proof that I was there as a Matron of Honor, not just as Zap. 

Sister's Wedding Festivities

Okay, the pics are uploaded.  They are edited to the best of my ability.  And now I can share!  The weekend was a whirlwind of activity, but I'm pretty sure the Bride and Groom had a blast celebrating with their nearest and dearest. 

I'm also pretty sure that I will remain in a zombie state for the remainder of the work week, due to extreme fatigue, sore muscles, and hoarse throat. 

Thursday night we had a Dinner Party to kick-off the wedding weekend.

I hear it's a good idea to gorge yourself on the first night with delicious BBQ, especially if you have to fit into a bridesmaid's dress. 

Husband, Me, Sister

Bride and Groom

Friday morning got started with Sister's Bridesmaid's Luncheon.


Chicken salad, orzo salad with shrimp, fruit salad, and muffins.
I also hear it's a good idea to ask for seconds of the orzo salad with shrimp if you have to fit into a bridesmaid's dress the next day. 

Honeydew and Tarragon Sherbert. 

Homemade Mini-Pies

Sister and Her Bridesmaids

Mother-in-Law (in the pink) had her Bridesmaid's Luncheon here too when she got married, at the home of Mrs. Cravens. 
Liz (in the blue) was a bridesmaid to MIL.
Virginia (in bridesmaid pic above on Sister's Left) is Sister's Maid of Honor and the daughter of Liz. 
Any questions? 
It all comes full circle in this family... 

And Friday night culminated in a gorgeous Rehearsal Dinner, thrown by the groom's parents.
Sister and Groom watching their slideshow of childhood memories...

We had the Groom's favorite for dessert. 
 Brownie, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, whip cream, and a cherry on top.

Sister Bride! 

Rumor has it that the Bride and a couple of her Bridesmaids had an impromptu dance party after the Rehearsal Dinner when they realized that Sister was getting married the very next day.  Moves were busted, even without any tunes.

Good thing there's no photographic evidence of said dance party.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Whirlwind!

As I edit the 2,387 pictures I took this weekend of Sister's Wedding Extravaganza, I'll leave this with this picture I quickly snapped on my phone. 

The Abby Cat LOVES her new vacuum.  And y'all, I do too.  Even through the fatigue of returning home from our 4-day Anna and Whit-palooza, Mr Smith (very sweetly, I may add) put my new vacuum together and I got to work in our bedrooms. 

Oh.  My.  Gawd.

This vacuum is AMAZING.  Seriously, it looked like our carpets had been deep cleaned after it's magic touch graced our carpets. 

And it's on Sale at Best Buy. 

Plus you get cash back if you shop through ebates! 

Find it. 

Own it. 

Bring it's magic into your lives immediately, especially if you have four-legged children. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Baby Sullivan Celebration Dinner

Last night, a big group of Mr. Smith's fraternity brothers and their respective better halves got together to celebrate the first baby of their group, Baby Sullivan, who belongs to Brian and Jen Sullivan. 

Brian and Jenn are waiting until D-Day to find out the gender of their munchkin, which I think is really cool.  You only get so many true surprises in your life, right? 

We gathered at Billy's in English Village, and knoshed on frosty beverages (sans Jen!), good food, and some delicious cake that Mrs. Schamaeling picked up at Edgar's. 

We topped off the night by presenting them a little surprise gift card to Babies 'R Us, which I'm thinking they'll spend on diapers and other baby necessities.

Congrats Brian and Jen!  We all can't wait to meet Baby Sullivan!

How cute are those booties? 

On another note, I rose with the sun this morning to complete my Amish Friendship Bread project.  Today was my "Day 10" of the process, and I baked and baked and baked.  No seriously, it really didn't take that long, and I've got two sweet-looking loaves of bread waiting for me at home to take to T-Town this weekend.  Plus, I get to distribute three "starter bags" to some friends today.  Mom started me my own "starter bag" last week, and it's really a fun process watching the dough every day. 

I was really just relieved that Cooper/Houdini didn't snatch it off the counter all week. 
Whew!  Insert big sigh exhale of joy here. 

Tonight we head to T-Town to kick-off Sister's wedding extravanga. 

Don't you worry, you know I'll be there snapping away with the Camera! 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I leave you with this picture for Wordless Wednesday...
our new Bissell Pet Hair Eraser HEPA Upright Vacuum. 

Just imagine the possibilities.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Princess

Abby Cat, otherwise known as "The Princess" or "Miss Priss," is a supporting character at the Smith household.  Not that she'd win any awards for Best Supporting Actress, because she's not what you'd call "sweet" or "loving."  She's a diva in her own right, and knows it.

Mr. Smith gave me Abby as a birthday present about 3.5 years ago, so she's been around for awhile now.  She's extremely high maintenance, more so than Cooper really, and won't settle for anything less that the best. 

And when she doesn't get her way, or if her Momma leaves for more than 2 days in a row, she leaves a nice puddle of joy waiting for me in the kitchen, as a Welcome Home present. 

Our routine with Abby goes a little something like this...  when we get home for work in the evening, she barely speaks to us.  Unless I'm in the kitchen cooking, and then she might win the "World's Sweetest Cat" award.  Whatev - she just wants any scraps I might toss her way.  She's not fooling me.

About 11 p.m. every night, once Mr. Smith and I have turned off the TV and are drifting off to sleep (and Coop's snug in his kennel), Abby waltzes into our bedroom, jumps on the dresser, and proceeds to knock things off until her Momma wakes up.  Once I get up from the bed, I have to put fresh cat food in her dish and take it from the kitchen to the guest bedroom, where I shut her up in there for the night.  (With a litterbox... easy PETA.)  This is her bedroom, and everyone knows it. 

Now, before you judge me, we've tried countless time to quit this routine.  We've tried shutting our bedroom door, and she sits outside it and scratches her clawless paws against it.  For hours.  And hours. 

Upon waking up in the morning, I let her out of her bedroom, where she heads to the bathroom for some water.  This cat only drinks fresh water from the bathtub.  I'm not joking.  She will not touch the communal water bowl in the kitchen, where the dog drinks.  It's beneath her. 

I give her one treat before heading to work, and another treat upon coming home from lunch.  If I do not give her the two treat allotments, there are consequences.  Sometimes, puddles of joy in the kitchen or her attitude gets even worse.

Have I created a monster?  Probably.  But, she's our firstborn and we love her. 

Read: I love her and the boys put up with her. 

Abby and her Faucet. 

Abby loves to get in the warm towels from the dryer and then pounce on Cooper when he tries a sneak attack.

She loves to eat/obliterate any and all flowers that Mr. Smith may on occasion bring home. 

And, above all, this Diva likes to look at her Momma with this disdainful expression each and every day. 

The joy of raising children... 

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer at the Farm

I loved growing up on our Farm.  Summer, especially.  

A few signs that it's Summer at the Farm:

Mom's Flowers are in Bloom

The birdhouses around the farm are all inhabited.
(Exactly 2.7 seconds after I snapped this picture, the resident of this blue mansion dive bombed me.  Birds apparently do not like the paparazzi.) 

The Hay is baled and you can smell it in the air.

The Pool is ready to be swimmed and lounged around.

Mom's Flamingo comes out from hibernating to enjoy the sun.

Good conversation is ready to be had in these chairs by the pool.

And, Dad's Garden is ready to be picked for delicious veggies.

Speaking of veggies.  I made Chicken Delight for the family for Father's Day dinner yesterday.  It was a big hit, and it's so easy to make.  I swiped this recipe from Darby over at Fly Through Our Window

Grab some squash and zuccini.  If they're not in your family garden, grab them at the grocery store.  :)

Put uncooked chicken breast on sheet of foil.  Layer with squash and zuccini. 
Pour some spoonfuls of Marinara sauce over it.
Cover with mozzarella cheese.
Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.

(This picture is not good quality, I'm aware of that.  But I was using my cell phone camera!)

Fold the foil sheet into a little tent over the goodness like so.  Make sure you leave some air room at the top of the tent so the cheese doesn't melt up against it. 

Bake at 350 degrees for 35-45 minutes. 

I would have had pictures of the finished product to show off, but the fam finished it off too fast! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  We've got a busy week ahead for us, with something every night!  Sister's wedding is THIS WEEKEND, so we'll be trying to rest up before the extravaganza starts...