Thursday, February 10, 2011

Preggers Post - Week 28

Time's flying by, people.  Here's what's happening in our 28th week of pregnancy:

Baby Smith
Drumroll please for Baby Boy Smith.... OR..... 

Harrison Edward Smith, if you will. 

It's official... Baby Boy Smith has a name. 
And since I got in a super cute pillow from Pottery Barn Kids with "Harrison" on it, it cannot be changed. 

This week, Baby Harrison is settling into the proper position for birth, with his head facing downward (toward your body's nearest exit!). He is now about 2.5 pounds and almost 16 inches long. He's busy adding new skills such as blinking to an already impressive repertoire of tricks like coughing, sucking, hiccuping, and taking practice breaths. Your baby's sleep now includes the REM (rapid eye movement) phase — and that means he could be dreaming already. (From 

Momma Smith
Starting have the whole "restless leg" thingy at night and I just cannot get comfortable when trying to go to sleep.  I'm sure Mr. Smith thinks I'm like a little jumping bean trying to get positioned, but Jeez Louise. 

And Baby Harrison is a little confused on Momma's sleep schedule because I swear as soon as I get comfortable, Dance Party USA begins.  I can't quite figure out what's he's doing in there.  It honestly feels like he's doing boxing repetitions or something, it's so fast.  Is that the hiccups?  I can't tell. 

Also, in new developments... my gums have started to bleed sometimes when I brush my teeth.  Who knew brushing your teeth whilst preggers was going to be such a debacle.  So, there's gagging in the morning, coupled with bleeding. 

As I said last week... the attractiveness just keeps on rolling in!

We finished up with our last Childbirth Education Class last night, and learned some "Bringing Baby Home" essentials like diapering, bathing, and swaddling.  And some not-so-fun items like Shaken Baby Syndrome and SIDS.  Scary! 

Here's hoping you're staying safe with whatever weather you're having outside... our's is a Winter Wonderland (again!). 


  1. Love the name! Yay for baby Smith no longer being nameless!

  2. Yay...BABY NAMELESS NO MORE! LOVE LOVE LOVE that name. We need the next 12 weeks to FLY by. I CANNOT wait to see pics of that sweet little face!