Thursday, February 17, 2011

Preggers Post - Week 29

Baby Smith
Harrison is almost 17 inches in length and right at 3 pounds in weight, the size of a Squash.  He's also getting fat... but in a good way!  All that wrinkly skin is evening out as fat deposits are accumulating faster under his skin.  Apparently, this also makes him more energized, which I can attest to.  It's either that, or all the Mexican food I've been eating.  It's like a Fiesta in there some times!

Momma Smith
Getting super excited about Harrison's arrival!  We're looking at a debut anywhere from 8-10 weeks from now, peeps.  Raise your hand if you're excited and not-at-all nervous-in-the-least. 

Still no popping of the belly button.  I mean, what gives?  It was the one thing I was looking forward to. 

Cravings:  still nothing weird.  Still lovin' some meat, Mexican food, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. 

It's getting harder and harder to fall asleep at night.  The tingly leg thing, coupled with a racing mind, is a bit frustrating.  Not to mention the frequent bathroom breaks.  (And the snoring, Mr. Smith would like me to add, for his benefit.)

Also, I'm assuming this is heartburn?  That horrible feeling in the back of your throat when you lie down?  Like you sort of need to get sick to your stomach?  I can't quite figure it out, but I don't like it one bit. 

In Other News
I received a Prenatal Massage this past Saturday, and guys... the hilarity continues with this pregnancy.  Mr. Smith had given me this gift certificate for a Christmas gift, and I can assure you he was not expecting a male massage therapist to rub down his pregnant wife when he purchased it. 

Not knowing really what all a prenatal massage entailed, I was already a little nervous.  Then, the male therapist walks in.  Oh Lord.  Thank goodness I had shaved my legs that morning was all I could think about!  I'm pretty sure I spent the first 15 minutes trying either not to giggle or drool (another side effect of pregnancy, remember?) on the nice man's massage table. 

All in all... it was great.  Very relaxing, even though you have to lay on your side.  I highly recommend it!  And the man did get extra bonus points in my book for saying that I didn't even look that big at all for being 7 months pregnant!  I could have kissed him.  But I digress...

Harrison's pediatrician has been selected in the past week, as well as the Photographer for his Newborn Session.  Both were pivotal decisions, I can assure you.  Our Newborn Session will be within a week of his debut, so that's really exciting! 

Any advice on how to face the camera so you don't look like a whale?  Anyone? 

Our next doctor's visit is this Monday morning, so more updates to come next week on the progress of growing this baby!

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