Thursday, February 24, 2011

Preggers Post - Week 30

Baby Smith
Height and weight haven't changed much since last week, but the big news is all the brain development going on.  Starting next week he is suppose to be putting on about half a pound a week.

And... I swear he is developing a taste for music.  He goes crazy when Lady Gaga, Kesha, or Enrique Iglesius (sp?) comes on the radio.  As I'm sure you can imagine, Mr. Smith is not amused.  He did start dancing when "Sweet Child of Mine" by Guns-N-Roses came on the radio on the drive home last night, so that's good, right?  Maybe it's my awesome singing voice he's squirming away from?  

Momma Smith
Speaking of music... this is my theme song right now.  I mean, we're at 30 weeks peeps.  30 WEEKS!!!  This means we're looking at a D-Day in about 2 months. 

Just ignore the sweet lighting, awesome hair, and spiffy clothing in this music video.  It's classic 80's, which if you know me at all... you know I love it.  It's a self-professed weakness.

I also CANNOT GO TO SLEEP at night.  Still.  Me thinks my coworkers are starting to see a zombie instead of my regular self.  I've got a mean combination of restless leg syndrome, heartburn, Richard Simmons-baby, and racing mind.  Hello fatigue... nice to meet you again.  I've missed you so much since the first trimester. 

In Other News
 We had a doctor's appointment Monday morning and all was well!  Still measuring a little smaller - 27.5 centimeters for the belly - but Doctors says that's totally fine.  Both mine and Harrison's heartbeat was nice and solid as well. 

We get an ultrasound at our next appointment, and we are stoked!  We haven't seen our little man since the Gender Revelation Ultrasound back at the end of November.  We can't wait to see how big he is, what he looks like, etc.  If you're good, I'll post the pic, especially if we get a 4D ultrasound.  But only if you're on your best behavior.  (Did I mention I'm volunteering once a week with Junior Achievement with a wild group of second graders?  Can you tell with my teacher lingo?) 

Due to the Dishwasher Fiasco (see Tuesday's post), Harrison's room is extremely cluttered and a complete disaster zone with dining room furniture, china, crystal, cook books, etc.  So... guess what's on this weekend's To Do list?  You guessed it.  Operation Organization kicks off bright and early Saturday morning. 

I've also been thinking about the whole "what to pack" lists for the hospital.  I've gotten some great examples from other mommies and blogs... stuff like dry shampoo that I would have never thought of.  Any other suggestions?  I've heard everything from lots of warm, fluffy socks to stool softener (jealous much?). 

My plan is to have 3 main bags: 
1.  Mine
2.  Harrison's
3.  Electronics (camera, video camera, Kindle)

Do I need a separate bag for Mr. Smith as well?  That's four bags and counting then.  I don't want to look like a Bedouin tribe coming to move in permanently. 

Plus, I'm considering either carrying a back-up bag in my car just in case my water breaks or something while I'm at work.  Lord knows I don't want to have that happen and then be stuck in the same clothing while someone drives me to the hospital, with all my pre-packed bags chillin' at home.

So... maybe just start carrying all the bags in my car at a certain point?  Has this happened to anyone else?  Am I just being neurotic here? 

Toodles Poodles. 


  1. Mr. Smith definitely needs his own bag. And just a word of advice from our hospital experience...pack a sweatshirt! Charlotte was born in May and I have never been so hot after I gave birth. Jason finally got so cold he had to call my parents and ask them to go by our house and get a sweatshirt for him because he was freezing but I was still hot!

    I would also pack a bag for delivery and then one for post-delivery. Then you'll just need to take in the delivery bag plus the electronics bag when you go in initially and you can have others bring in the other bags once you go to your real room and you won't feel so much like you're moving in!

    Hope you're feeling good!

  2. I agree with pack 2 bags for yourself - but I think that depends on what type of L&D rooms your hospital has. You won't need much for L&D (the electronics bags will be a must, obviously), but a few essentials. Our hospital moved us into another room after Jack was born, so Wayne didn't even bring his bag in until we moved.
    I don't think you'll need a separate bag for Baby. Let him wear the hospital onesies while he's there - less for you to wash! Plus they give you diapers, wipes, etc. I just brought his going-home outfit and his picture outfit (because our hospital has a photography studio). I also brought our boppy pillow for nursing.