Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue...

... our last Valentine's Day before Baby was low-key and sweet,
how about you?

Rather than fight the masses last night at area restaurants, Mr. Smith and I stayed in for dinner.  I fixed Pork Loin Florentine - don't get excited - it was prepared by Publix, baked potatoes, and salad.  And maybe finished it off with Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. 

Since we're saving for the Precious Babe, Mr. Smith and I decided to forgo the usual gifts... as he said that my roses from my birthday (Feb. 4th) still looked awesome, so they counted as Valentine's Day roses too. 

You can't make this stuff up, people.  God love 'em. (As we say in the South...)

However, Mr. Smith did manage to scoop up some Valentine's Day goodies for himself at a certain hunting store in Vestavia this weekend.  "But, dear, I used your logic and only bought things on sale/clearance."  Clearly this is not what I was striving to hit home with in this year's couponing and frugality lessons.  Clearly. 

Since Mr. Smith was going quail hunting with a buddy on Sunday, he deemed it only necessary to purchase a brand new quail hunting outfit.  Apparently quails are hard to please/hunt if you're in last season's garb?  He was so excited when he got home he had to model it for me.  However, I could only be reminded of this:

Think a little less plaid, a little more bright "hunting" orange. 


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