Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weekend Wedding Whirlwind!

This weekend, we attended the wedding of one of our nearest and dearest, Mr. Mooty, in Huntsville. 

After busting it at Nascar speed (like that Bama reference?) to get up there after work on Friday, I arrived just in time for the Rehearsal Dinner.  (I mean... what was I going to do at the Cocktail Hour, anyway, hmmm?) 

Oh my word.  The food was divine.  The decorations were gorgeous.  The toasts sentimental mixed with humorous. 

The result was a fabulous evening celebrating the Bride and Groom at the Monte Sano Lodge, overlooking the city. 

At the wedding the next day, Mr. Smith participated as a Groomsman, while I got to enjoy the festivities (read: delicious reception food) and snap a quick picture with the lovely Mother of the Groom:  Mrs. Dee.  I only hope you get to meet someone as special as this lady at least once in your life! 

Doesn't she look exquisite?  Just ignore that my baby bump is taking over her gorgeous dress in the picture.  Harrison is large and in charge these days.

I didn't snap as many pictures as I wanted to this weekend, partly because I was one tired Momma-to-be.  About halfway during the Reception, I started getting some really intense Braxton Hicks contractions, so we headed back to the hotel around 10-ish. 

 I also bravely (foolishly?) attempted to wear black high heels with my dress (this was all becasue of vanity, let me assure you, because I wanted to show off my hard work with my Jergens Express tanning lotion), and I will not make that mistake again. 

Swollen?  Yes please.  I looked like I had elephant feet upon waking up on Sunday morning.  Mr. Smith assured me cankles and elephant feet were hot, though.  God love 'em.  (Another Bama catch phrase.... aren't y'all getting quite the education today?)

We stopped through in C-Town on the way back to Birmingham and got to catch-up over lunch at Cracker Barrel with my parents.  Hmmm..... a perfect solution to a swollen pregnant lady. 

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