Sunday, March 20, 2011

Showered with Love

Yesterday I was given a delightful Baby Shower in Cullman, by some very precious ladies. 

I always think it's best to describe via pictures, don't you?

Some besties...

Candid.  I think I'm describing my Birth Plan, which can now be wrapped up in a new sentence:  "Wake me when it's over."  Thank you Mrs. Nielsen for that short and sweet motto. 

My mother, myself, and sweet hostesses. 

Baby Harrison was showered - rather drenched - with sweet gifts and well wishes from ladies who have literally seen me grow up. 

And my fear of not knowing what something was when I opened it never happened! I managed to know exactly what everything was... thank goodness.

Many thanks for these sweet women who hold such invaluable places in my heart and now Baby Harrison's as well! 

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  1. What a cute shower held for you and Baby Harrison! I just love the monogram door wreath! Are you going to use that on your hospital door too?