Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Highs and Lows

I'm still here, readers.  No baby yet.  I worried last night that since it had been a few days that all five of you might be worried about a posssible Harrison debut.  Baby is safely dancing away currently - Richard Simmons style - in belly still. 

We've just been a tad busy. 

I like to break things down into "Highs" and "Lows," so here's a list of recent activities categorized by the aforementioned sub-headings:

Game Night
Highs:  Seeing some nearest and dearest whilst munching on pizza.
Lows: Realizing boys are dirty cheaters.  "Cup of milk anyone?" 

Weekend Errands
Highs:  Haircut (finally!); $32 Publix bill; New tires on car.
Lows: Stylist regaling me with the horrors of her labor & delivery story; people who jump in the "Express"lane at the grocery (10 items or Less) with 50+ items; people who cannot seem to follow gas station directions, like arrows and "Do Not Enter" signs. 

Date Night with Mr. Smith
Highs:  Flip Burger - enough said. No waiting because we sat at the Bar.  (Although I did feel like an episode of "What Would You Do" being preggers at the bar and all...)  Nutella milkshake.  Taking Mr. Smith there for the first time. 
Lows: Realizing they took off both my fried dill pickle chips and favorite burger from the menu.

Highs:  Hearing a great message on the real meaning of Lent. 
Lows: Not getting to eat at Irondale Cafe with Mr. and Mrs. Searson because Mr. Smith had a golf game. 

The Mongrel
Highs:  Watching Coop soak up plenty of lovin' from Mr. Smith. 
Meet our 76-lb. lap dog.

Lows:  Finding mud everywhere from The Mongrel.  Including the duvet cover, which I had recently washed.  Ridiculous.  Absolutely ridiculous.

While everything in life has Highs and Lows, I know - the Lows seem to have much more of an effect on an 8-month pregnant lady.  Some may even call this a "Hormonal Rage".  That person might also be called Mr. Smith, who has graciously been dealing with said Lows by quickly and quietly getting out of the line of fire. 

If you happen to catch yourself in the line of fire, warning signs include:
1.  Twitching of the left eye
2.  Flaring of nostrils
3.  Vein in forehead pulsing
4.  If you witnesses all three of these things and are still in the firing zone, I cannot be held responsible for whatever actions may come your way. 

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