Thursday, March 31, 2011

Preggers Post - Week 35

 Preggers Post - Week 35

Baby Smith
According to What to Expect, Baby Smith is continuing to pack on the pounds.  He has certainly done so, because now his Karate Kid moves are pretty intense. 
Read:  sometimes they hurt. 

Also new this week:  although we already knew he was head down ready to his big debut, I am 87% sure he has "dropped" some.  All the way?  I'm not sure, since I've been carrying low this whole time.  But, over the  past week, there is for sure new pressure at a lower region.  And Mr. Smith and I examined the situation last night, and we think you can tell he has dropped by observing from the outside.  And also from the new pain in my lower back by the end of the day.

Momma Smith
I'm pretty sure God designed the last few weeks of pregnancy so you'd be more than ready to pop your precious angel out.  Like the cold snap of weather we've had this week?  I may or may not have prayed for it last week.  You can thank me later.  The cankles all but disappeared with this glorious weather, but I'm seeing on the forecast that the good ole Bama heat will be back in action in just a few days.  I just needed a few days of sweet relief, alright? 

We start our weekly doctor's appointments this coming Monday (insert an "OMG" here), where our doctor will start checking for dilation.  Dilation, people.  That's how close we're getting here. 

In Other News
Grandmother Dee Dee is headed to come stay with me this weekend, since Mr. Smith has fled to Mississippi for some turkey hunting.  I got the feeling he may have been thinking it was his last weekend - ever - to jet off for a few days.  So, mom is coming just in case.  I've got big plans for us, don't you worry. 

Here's hoping this weekend we can finish up the nursery.  I owe you pictures, I know.  I will post them, as soon as we get the tornado of baby gifts organized... I promise! 

Here's a picture to hold you over.  This is what I gave my hostesses for the my baby showers:  Monogrammed thermal totes (or lunch bags, whatev).  Didn't they come out so cute?  I was really pleased with them, and I hope they enjoy them! 
(Yes, they're from Thirty-One.  See link on the right side of the page...)

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