Thursday, March 24, 2011

Preggers Post - Week 34

I thought I'd toss things up for you this week, folks, to keep it interesting around here. 

Preggers Post - Week 34

The Good
Doctor's appointment this morning and everything looked great! 
Belly measurement: 31.5 centimeters.  Still a little small, but in normal range.

Had an "at-home" pedicure this week, courtesy of Mr. Smith.  Yes, you read that right.  My sweet husband took off the old nail polish and painted my toenails for me, since I can't reach them anymore without falling over. 

Feeling Baby Harrison kicks get more and more punctuated and powerful. 

Having my Birmingham Baby Shower this weekend!  Super excited to see everyone!  Will post about it, with pics, later on...

The Bad
The Snoring has continued.  Mr. Smith says it reminds him of an obese 80-year-old man.  Therefore, the past couple of nights, husband and dog have been run out of the bedroom and are shacking up in the guest room to get some ZZZZZ's. 

Sinus issues have made a reappearance this week with all the crazy weather, so I've had a few morning nosebleeds.  Luckily I'm a multi-tasker and can manage to get ready in the morning while coping. 

The insomnia and resulting fatigue is getting old, real fast.  I know, I know... it's only going to get worse. 

The Ugly
Cankles.  I got 'em, and they ain't pretty.  I not only have cankles, but "Shrek Feet" as Mr. Smith says.  I think of them fondly as puffy blowfish feet, kind of like a balloon animal of some sort.  Whatever they are... apparently they could only get worse, according to Doctor.  Thank you Alabama weather. 

Doctor's solutions include propping these puppies up and drinking plenty of fluids.  Her med student's solution?  Doogie said to run by the pharmacy and pick up some of those "compression stockings."  Doogie is not my friend, and at the time I did not wish good things upon him.  However... if the compression stockings make an appearance, I will for sure put a picture on here.  And yeah, I call him Doogie.  As in Doogie Howser, because he looked about 15-years-old. 

Does anyone know if tanning lotion affects your skin differently if you're pregnant?  Remember that Jergens tanning lotion from 3 weeks ago for the Mooty wedding?  Guys.... for the past 2 weeks, my legs have been speckled.  Yep - speckled.  Like the tanning lotion will not fade away without leaving awesome streaks and spots all over the bottom halves of my legs. 

Between the cankles and speckled legs... my tights are looking better and better.  No one may ever see these gams again. 

It's highly important to have a sense of humor when you're pregnant.  Otherwise, all of this could easily bum a person out.  Quite frankly, if cankles and Shrek feet are the worst things I've got going on, then I'm a lucky gal. 

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