Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Talk to me on this Tuesday...

I'm on the hunt for some easy-to-freeze meals. 

Any favorite recipes out there? 

I've been a bum recently in the kitchen; hence the lack of recipe sharing. 

However, I'd like to get some ideas on stuff that would be easy to freeze for later on, when I'm really, really tired and not looking to be Emeril in the kitchen.  Surely I can pull it together for a weekend, channel my inner Paula Dean/Giada/Barefoot Contessa/Pioneer Woman.... right? 






  1. I think poppyseed chicken freezes easily. I would check Kellys Korner recipe blog, she has a bunch of stuff she froze before having Harper. Yes, I'm a stalker.

  2. I like to bake two pans of lasagna (put in disposable aluminum) and freeze. Important to wrap securely in saran wrap, then aluminum, and possibly another layer of plasitc wrap. I freeze all kinds of soups/stews (chili, chicken stew, etc.) and they are so easy to thaw and reheat. I always have Clay grill an entire package of chicken or pork tenderloin, then just wrap and freeze half of it to save for later. Casseroles and whole meats/produce do well in the freezer. Stuff with eggs (quiche, breakfast casseroles, etc.) don't do well frozen. Learned that the hard way.