Thursday, March 3, 2011

Preggers Post - Week 31

Baby Smith
Harrison now weighs over three pounds and measures over 18 inches long.  He's approaching his birth length, but still has lots to grow, pound-wise. 

He's also having more defined periods of when he's asleep and awake during the day.  And, for the first time (that I've noticed), Mr. Harrison had the hiccups last night, which we found hysterical. 

Momma Smith
Has slept really well the past week!  Not sure what has changed, and fingers crossed it stays this way.  However, at night I'm having horrible indigestion/heart burn.  Mr. Smith has even taken to "burping" me by patting me on the back.  It's just in the evening and night, but it is not comfortable, in the least. 

The Braxton Hicks contractions have really picked up - I get at least one or two every day now.  They are mildy panic-inducing at first, I'll admit it.

I've been busy getting things prepared, like going to the dentist this week.  Still a member of the No Cavity Club, but the dentist said he spotted what could be one.  I almost burst into tears.  Seriously.  Stupid gagging and bleeding gums!  It definitely made the visit one-of-a-kind.  And I'm sure the dental lady who cleaned my teeth really enjoyed me gagging every five seconds. 

I'm not sure why, but I've been thinking a lot about what would happen to Mr. Smith and Baby Harrison if something happened to me during childbirth.  I get that this is slightly morbid, but rather than freak out about it, I've been trying to get as prepared as possible.  For example... I've made a list of every single bill and monetary account we have, with all usernames, passwords, due dates, draft dates, etc. for Mr. Smith.  As CFO of our home, it's the least I could do. 

This is also probably why I've been hoarding diapers.  Mr. Smith has put me on a diaper hiatus, and he actually went through the nursery this weekend with a calculator and tallied up the total number of diapers we have. 

Confession Time:  It's over 700. 

Now... hold on one second, before you gasp and roll your eyes.  It ranges in sizes from Newborn to Size 3, people.  But buying an allotment every month since December really gave us a nice stock of them. 

I'm also for sure feeling the nesting thing really kick in.  I may or may not have washed some Newborn/0-3 month onesies this week, along with my pajamas for the Hospital. 
(And.. by the way, thank you for all the advice on what to pack and suggestions on detergent!!!  Other mommies know best!)

We have our next doctor's appointment Monday morning and ultrasound!  We're pumped to see our little buddy, especially since we haven't since November! 

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