Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up with some Favorite Gals

I'm a little behind in schedule with yesterday's Holiday, so bear with me. 

After a fabulous weekend catching up with some of my favorite gals, I realize how lucky I am to count each of them one of my nearest and dearest.  Mr. Smith was off in New Orleans with Groomsman duties of Mr. Mooty's Bachelor Party - no worries - he returned safe and sound Sunday morning, albeit a litte tired and mumbling something along the lines of "I'm not as young as I use to be." 

Saturday morning was spent over a relaxing brunch at Jackson's with my C-Town BFFs.  As mentioned previously on this blog, we get together twice a year to rehash, review, and refocus with each other.  And by this I mean gossip, dish details of married life, and inquire about all things pregnancy. 

Group Pics are a must!  See that burgeoning belly? 

Later that day, I visited a dear friend from grad school, Mrs. Lybrand and her newest addition, Miss Libby, to bring them some dinner and get some snuggle time (read: practice time) with that 6 lb. bundle of joy. 

Please note how "big brother" Gehrig sat protectively by me while I held her the entire time.  Most of the time he was in my lap as well.  Fingers crossed Cooper doesn't get any wild hairs about pulling this routine come Spring time. 

At his annual vet's visit yesterday, the Beast was up to 76 lbs.  Not exactly "lap dog" material, but don't tell him that.

Special thanks to Mrs. Lybrand for putting up with my 2 hours worth of The Spanish Inquisition.  I just like to get all the facts, folks.  Especially when it's about to happen to you, in say, a little over 3 months. 

Saturday night was spent with another favorite gal of mine - Sister.  She swung by and picked me up for some delicious Mexican at Iguana Grill before having a movie date with her Husband. 

And since we're talking about favorite gals, this sassy lady wanted to make sure she as included: 

Doesn't she just beam love and adoration at you? 

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