Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Preggers Post - Week 23

Baby Boy Smith
Is still nameless, although we're getting close, I swear. 

He also is about eight inches long and a little over a pound this week.  WhattoExpect.com says that "this week marks the beginning of some serious weight gain."  I'm hoping they mean the Baby, since Week 5 of this adventure has meant for this Momma "the beginning of some serious weight gain." Baby's weight in the next 4 weeks should DOUBLE.  You read that right - DOUBLE.  I think I'm reading between the lines here of when the Momma finally "pops."

And apparently Baby is pumped about it, because right now as I'm typing there's a Dance Party USA going on in my belly.  Dance Parties are becoming the custom over the past week; usually they make me smile.  The one at 2am on Saturday night; however.... not so much.  Strong enough to wake me up... I mean, who is in there, Richard Simmons? 

Momma Smith
I heart my Tummy Butter.  You should get some, even if you're not pregnant.  While I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it keeps the stretch marks away, it feels so nice to my dry and itchy skin.  

In Other News
Mr. Smith has assembled our nursery furniture... all by himself!  It looks so nice!  We're pumped about it.  I would show you a picture, but the room looks like a tornado hit it, so pics to come once the room has been straightened, I promise.  I also wanted to take a picture of Mr. Smith in his "Tim the Tool Man Taylor" mode, but he wouldn't let me.  I think it was the super sexy Christmas Jingle Bell fleece pajama pants he was wearing.  But I could be wrong.

We start our Childbirth Education classes this week!  The nerd in me is super excited about this new learning task at hand.  I was warned not to take a notebook - insert sad sigh here - by a pal, so I'll resist for Week One.  But I can't make any promises after this week! 

We've also completed our Registry at Target.  Mr. Smith gave it the final approval and thumbs up last night, so yet another thing's been crossed off the To Do List. 

I actually feel ahead of the game.  This could also be the calm before the storm, I know, I know. 

I've broken down all of our 'To Do's" on handy little post-it notes in my 2011 planner, up until Baby's arrival.  It ranges from the mandatory (have car seat properly installed) to the more leisurely (have house professionally cleaned - I scored a Groupon for this, so I'm still being frugal) to the downright pampering (get manicure and pedicure - again, another Groupon for this!). 

So far for January, we're ahead, which I think is a perfect start to the New Year. 

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