Thursday, January 27, 2011

Preggers Post - Week 26

Baby Smith
"Your baby's eyes — which have been closed for the past few months — are now beginning to open. Your baby's brain-wave activity is also kicking in at this stage in fetal development, which means your little one can not only hear noises but can now also respond to them." says  He also grows to 2 pounds this week!  Craziness!

Momma Smith
Ugggghhhh.... the tiredness of the third trimester is coming.  I can feel it, creepin' up on me, I swear.  Mornings are a little bit harder to get up for, and evenings are a little bit more sluggish. 

And with Richard Simmons doing his thing, dancin' away in there, I can sense the uncomfortableness people have been mentioning.  Particularly in the bladder region.  And when he lunges forward and catches me off guard while I'm standing up.  Not cool, Little One.  Catch me at the right time and you can feel either a head or booty with your hand on my belly.  And then maybe a swift kick or punch from the Karate Kid to say get off my Momma!  :)

Having about 1-2 Braxton Hicks contractions per week now, and I'm sensing these will only continue as time moves on, right?  Anyone? They are a little panic-inducing at first, I will admit, but then quickly subside. 

Also feeling a little abdominal achiness in the side muscle - or where there used to be muscles - department.  I suspect this is from the growth spurt of Little One and how this constant workout is making me a little sore.  I tried to explain to Sister after last night's Bible Study that it's like an intense ab workout, except with no benefits whatsoever to the fitness of your ab muscles. 

In Other News

Um... how cute is this sign? 

It's an awkward photo, because taking it directly in front was causing the flash to give it a glare, but you get the idea. 

Picked it up from Lifeway this week, and it was love at first sight.  This was the nightly prayer my brother and I did with our parents every night!  A tradition Mr. Smith and I can't wait to start with Little One.  

Curtains are coming in from Target at some point in the next few days, but that's about it with nursery development.  After slinging out painting and furniture assembly so fast, we're taking a breather. 

Third trimester starts next Friday!  Who's excited?  You may even get a belly picture.


I'm not making any promises.

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