Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Meanderings...

Once again I find myself thinking, How is it Monday morning already?  After a busy weekend, here we are again, ready to begin another week.

Friday night Mr. Smith and I, along with the Carrolls, had a double date at the dollar theater to see "The Social Network."  It was suprisingly good!  Who knew so much drama went behind facebook's history?  What was so funny is seeing how facebook has revamped and modified over the past few years, and remembering how "it used to be."  Sigh.  The glory days, right?

Saturday, Mr. Smith was off to another day of hunting, while I did things around the house and made my 2nd Publix run armed with coupons and bargain shopping list.  Total spent: $100.  Savings: $51.  For 2 weeks worth of groceries!  Not bad, peeps.  Not bad at all, if I do say so myself.  I also snagged some "bonus" items outside the usually grocery list like shampoo (5 for $5), dog food, etc. that were having too good of deals to pass up on.  I'm all about hoarding stocking up these days. 

Saturday night I had a dinner date with two of my fav's: Mrs. Bremmerman and Mrs. Shepherd.  We are so excited at her return to The Ham!  Nothing feels as good as dishing about all things girly with these two.  Might I mention we also tried Flip Burger?  After an hour wait, this pregnant lady was rearing to go with that menu.  Their mushroom & swiss burger, with fries and fried pickle chips are to die for.  Finish it off with one of their famous milkshakes - all three of us had the Krispy Kreme, which really did taste like a donut.  Wonders upon wonders!

Mr. Smith and I ran errands on Sunday, such as exchanging the crib mattress at Babies 'R Us, and crossed several "To Do" items off our household list, like putting up updated smoke detectors.  You know - the stuff you don't think about until you're bringing a life into the world.  :) 

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