Thursday, January 20, 2011

Preggers Post - Week 25

Baby Boy Smith
He is about 9 inches long and a little over a pound this week!  And his lungs are beginning to develop. 

Baby Smith is also a dancing machine.  He likes to dance in the mornings (after I start sipping on my one rationed Coke), right after lunch, during our Childbirth classes (maybe he's getting excited?) and at night in bed when I'm lying on my back.  Mr. Smith also felt him - that's twice now! - last night as Baby Smith gave him a resounding high five. 

Momma Smith
I'll give you one guess who I am in this video: 

Beware if you make me wait any amount of time before serving me my food.  "Hangry" is the term I like to use.  Hungry + Angry = Hangry.  Some might say it resembles The Hulk right before he turns green with rage. 

In Other News
We just returned home from our 3rd Childbirth Class.  Where we watched The Video.  I may never be the same again.  Sometimes it's better not to know, yes?  The girl beside me recommended watching some more at home... just Google "Live Birth" she said.  Rather joyfully, I might add.  Kudos to her. 

Mr. Smith arranged a tour of the new UAB Women and Infants Center with our moms (& my dad) this week, and it was fabulous.  I have to say that the facility is beyond impressive... and I don't just mean their updated Room Service Menu with dishes by renowed Chef Frank Stitt.  Who is from Cullman, might I add.  Gotta brag on the ole hometown whenever possible....

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  1. If you want just positive birth videos - not too graphic you would like
    Enjoy! (Really, I promise, they are enjoyable to watch)