Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

I'm at home enjoying a Snow Day today, but Mr. Smith is hard at work at the Hospital.  He went in last night for the Night Shift, and is still there.  Such a hard little worker, right? 

Thought I'd share with you my updates on New Year's Resolution - Couponing.  Yesterday was my first time back in the saddle with couponing, and I approached it with the usual Type A attitude.  Armed with my coupons from both Sunday's newspaper and, I approached Publix like a women on a mission.  A Mission to Save, that is. 

If you haven't before, check out's website.  You can easily review their Weekly Ad, Buy One Get One deals, and "add" your desired items from the Weekly to your shopping cart for a printed out list before you hit the store.  Me likey. 

For over 2 Weeks Worth of Groceries (give or take some staple items to be picked up, like milk): $183.83. 
Coupon and Store Savings: $42.79
Total Spent: $141.04

I might add that $17 of this was diapers, because I've been trying to pick up some whenever I have a coupon.  So, with my $3 Huggies coupon plus my $2 Publix Baby Club coupon, that was $5 off of diapers.  Again... me likey.  It never hurts to be prepared, people. 

So, about $124 of actual moola spent on groceries.  That's a little over $60/week. 

Pure.  Bliss. 

I might also give a shout out to Doug my Publix Cashier, who cheered on my New Year's Resolution, and gave me some insider trading tips, such as that Publix doubles any manufacturer coupons starting at 50 cents (like those coupons printed from or and that Publix honors any competitors' coupons.  So, if you've got a grocery coupon to Target that Publix isn't running, then you can use that Target grocery coupon at Publix. 

I know what you're thinking.... why hello there, lovah. 
Me too. 

It did take a little bit more time, I'm going to be honest. 
But the thrill of the hunt was well worth it.
And my well-stocked pantry on this Snow Day doesn't hurt either. 

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