Monday, January 3, 2011

Oh, What a Year.... We're Gearing up for Another Eventful One!

Wow.  I cannot believe 2010 has come and gone, and we're sitting on Day 3 of 2011.  2010 was overall pretty good to our little newlywed home, let's review, shall we?  Forgive me if I speak in financial nerdy terms:

The Good
Cooper the Pooper joined our family in January for Mr. Smith's surprise birthday present.  He's been both a joy and handful ever since. 

We watched oodles of our nearest and dearest tie the knot, and loved celebrating with them.  (Count it:  we were in 5 weddings total in 2010!)

We celebrated our One Year Anniversary with a relaxing weekend trip to Ellijay, Georgia.

We also watched more friends welcome babies and started talking about our own future family plans... for approximately one second.  Then SURPRISE!  The Big Man decided Mr. and Mrs. Smith were ready for a new adventure - Baby Smith.  (All prayers are requested in advance for this adventure.)

We met our Savings Goal and paid off our credit cards, only to be hit by Murphy (or stabbed in the back by Murphy, whatever you prefer...) near the end of the year.  But we're still starting our year with our Savings Goals met. 

We also diligently put moola in our Retirement Accounts every month, even though I thought of about a bazillion things more fun to do with that money.  I know, I know... compounding interest and all of that. 

The Bad
Murphy's Law hit us several times this year with some nice little surprises .  A fallen tree in the backyard, a new roof, leaking dishwasher (still dealing with this Drama), new brakes for both our vehicles...ugh.  Murphy set us back a little in some of our goals, like my highly anticipated goal of paying off my car at year's end, but we're back on track now.

Goals for the New Year
Rather than bore you with the "To Do Lists" on each month's page in my planner (roll your eyes, I've already admitted I'm a nerd), here are some of our Goals for the New Year:

1.  Have baby.  (Duh)

2.  Start a Christmas Club account to be better prepared for next Christmas's spending (check it off the list - already started it!)

3.  Couponing - I use to be pretty good at this, then I became lazy and comfortable with my weekly Wal-Mart runs.  But I get inspired by Budget Buddies like Mrs. Searson and her Couponing Prowess, so I'm dusting off my skills in this department, ready to get it moving again.  I figure this will come in handy when Baby Smith and all his money demands arrive as well.

4.  Pay off Car by May 1st.  There - I've said it.  It's out there, now I must make it happen.  My goal is to get it paid off by the time Baby Smith arrives, so it's one less monthly payment - just in time for daycare right?  :)

5.  Remain diligent in monthly payments to Retirement accounts. 

6.  Mr. Smith has stepped up to the plate and declared he will be cooking dinner at least once a week.  This may or may not have anything to do with what he's currently reading - "The Expectant Father."  I also receive a lot more hugs this weekend, which I KNOW is in that book.  I'm on to you, Mr. Smith...

7.  Research and start College Savings Fund for Baby Smith.  ESA?  529 Plan?  I'm new in this department, so any suggestions are welcome. 

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