Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Good Intentions.

I had good, even great, intentions for Memorial Day weekend.  I ventured into the long weekend with a big To Do list and I can tell you that now that the weekend is over, I have accomplished none of it.  Zero.  Nada.  None. 

My lofty goals for the weekend included some house work, some pressure washing, some flower bedding, more or less... some items that have been shelved.  They will continue to reside on the shelf for now because I spent the weekend doing nothing.  Unless you count watching True Blood Season 2 and attending a wedding doing something productive.  I also read two books, so that's something, right? 

Important details of the long weekend:
1.  Why is it Tuesday already?  Where did that 3 days of freedom go?

2.  Mr. Smith had his own bird attack this weekend.  He admitted to not believing me when I told him of my account of the winged beast, then sheepishly admitted that yes, the bird tried to get him too. 

3.  The Sonnet House in Leeds is gorgeous for weddings, FYI, if you are planning one.  http://www.thesonnethouse.com/

4.  Coop Dawg went swimming in the Hoover Dog Park Creek.  Mr. Smith is a very proud papa of his big guy and his water prowess. 

5.  You are never too old for a Game Night.  Partaking in a grilling out and a fierce Guesstures competition Sunday night, the Smiths', the Schmaelings, and one Mr. Johnny Wright had a blast with this game. 

6.  You can also never eat too many burgers, because the Smith's once again stuffed our faces with them last night, at Sister's. 

7.  True Blood Season 2...  what a fabulous guilty pleasure. 

8.  The Smith's have apparently been sleep deprived, because that took up a big chunk of the weekend as well. 

And that's it.  Seriously.  That's all we did over the weekend.  Hope your 3-day weekend was more productive that our's was! 

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