Thursday, June 24, 2010

Baby Sullivan Celebration Dinner

Last night, a big group of Mr. Smith's fraternity brothers and their respective better halves got together to celebrate the first baby of their group, Baby Sullivan, who belongs to Brian and Jen Sullivan. 

Brian and Jenn are waiting until D-Day to find out the gender of their munchkin, which I think is really cool.  You only get so many true surprises in your life, right? 

We gathered at Billy's in English Village, and knoshed on frosty beverages (sans Jen!), good food, and some delicious cake that Mrs. Schamaeling picked up at Edgar's. 

We topped off the night by presenting them a little surprise gift card to Babies 'R Us, which I'm thinking they'll spend on diapers and other baby necessities.

Congrats Brian and Jen!  We all can't wait to meet Baby Sullivan!

How cute are those booties? 

On another note, I rose with the sun this morning to complete my Amish Friendship Bread project.  Today was my "Day 10" of the process, and I baked and baked and baked.  No seriously, it really didn't take that long, and I've got two sweet-looking loaves of bread waiting for me at home to take to T-Town this weekend.  Plus, I get to distribute three "starter bags" to some friends today.  Mom started me my own "starter bag" last week, and it's really a fun process watching the dough every day. 

I was really just relieved that Cooper/Houdini didn't snatch it off the counter all week. 
Whew!  Insert big sigh exhale of joy here. 

Tonight we head to T-Town to kick-off Sister's wedding extravanga. 

Don't you worry, you know I'll be there snapping away with the Camera! 

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