Sunday, June 13, 2010


Friday night, we had over a couple of our favorite about-to-be-hitched people, the soon-to-be-Searsons, for some grillin' out, delicious dessert, and let our children romp in the backyard. 

Here is their beast of a child, Namath. 

This lady and I go way back, back to the glory days of sorority life at Bama.  Ah, the memories. 

Please note that we did not just get a facial or anything, that's just pure old sweat giving us that glistening look.  Alabama humidity.  Ain't nothing like it, right? 

These two rascals were inseperable, of course. 

We enjoyed some hearty food, like steak, brats, steamed veggies, and Zesty Oneida fries. 
Of course, we had to have some frosty beverages and red wine to complement our meal. 
And a lovely citronella candle. 

Miss Wolfe brought over some delicious "Cookie Slop" and I was in heaven.  Cookies, milk, cool whip.  Amazing.  I think she's going to post the recipe on her own blog shortly. 

It also makes for an amazing breakfast the next morning.  I'm just saying. 

By the end of the long evening, this fellow was pooped!

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  1. I looked better after running Mercedes. Wonderful. No more outside pictures this summer.