Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Mundane Things Make the World Go Round

The Mundane Things are what marriage is really all about, right?  Here are some observations and realizations at the Smith house recently:

1.  Cooper loves to eat my blow dryers.  This week I'll be purchasing Blow Dryer #3 because Houdini Pup keeps getting them and chewing their chords to pieces.  Before you say it, even the blow dryers that have the retractable chords.  He pulled it out and ate that one too.  Jeez.

2.  We have recently discovered "The Real Housewives of New York" television show.  Who are these people?  Why are they so crazy and petty?  Is this how all people living up North are?  (I kid, I kid!) More importantly...  Why cannot we not change the channel when it comes on?  Team Bethenny, all the way, man.  We're now onto Bethenny Getting Married? and I'm anxiously awaiting The Real Housewives of DC. 

3.  Speaking of TV crazies... what's with The Bachelorette dudes this season?  If that Casey says "guard and protect her heart" one more I'm going to hurl.  And quit singing.  Our ears are bleeding in the Smith living room.  And while we're at it, quit getting random tattoo's.  Weirdo. 

4.  Major domestication improvements are heading our way!  The annual bug people came over today to hang out spray for bugs.  I'm sure they loved me following them around the house, peppering them with questions.  We're also getting a new kitchen faucet (fingers crossed the plumber can do it tomorrow morning), and A NEW ROOF!!!  I'm super pumped about this one, folks.  This is not a DIY project, but we're going to let the professionals handle this one.  Due to the storm damage as of late, State Farm Insurance has been very kind to help us out in this department.  I literally shed tears I was so excited.  We celebrated by going out for ice cream last night! 

5.  Sister and I enjoyed the Carrie Underwood concert this past Saturday night!  She was great and sang all our favorite hits!  Rumor has it we enjoyed a frosty beverage aftewards at Above.... just a rumor.  As soon as I find the chord to upload the pics from my Point-and-Shoot camera (felt a bit weird trying to cart in the big Canon, so I opted for the smaller camera) I'll post those pics.  I've got a sneaking feeling that the missing chord has something to do with Item #1 on this list, though... 

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  1. "My heart is open...jump in...stay awhile."
    -Casey, Guardian and Protector of the Heart