Monday, June 7, 2010

Sister's Last Fling before the Ring

I saw the sun come up Sunday morning.  Why you ask?  Deep thoughts during an early wake-up?  Nope.  It's because this group of gals rolled in at 5:30am after a very successful Bachelorette Party for Sister Dear.  Almost a 12-hour par-tay, which I find both hysterical and ironic given my usual geriatric schedule of dinner, TV, and bed by 10pm.  :)  I'll probably never recover!

Here's the night in pictures (they are appropriate, I promise!)

Yummy Snacks... Sister's favorite things!

 That's Brut Champagne, if any of you read the post from last week. :) 

Let's chat about how cute this cake is.  Made by the very talented Leann Mulligan at Art by the Slice cakes.  And it tasted amazing as well!  Check her out at

Sister racked up a lot of cute things! 

Then we decorated her with all the appropriate "Bachelorette" garb.

And hit the town in our black stretch limo...
We all wore black to let the Bride stand out in her cute outfit!

We started with dinner at 26. 

Then ventured out to Above, the rooftop venue atop Redmont Hotel.  So much fun!  It was 80's music night, so you know I was in heaven. 

Our next stop was Bourbon Street Karaoke.  Wow.  If you've never been there, drop what you're doing and head there immediately.  Here's Sister belting out "Any Man of Mine" by Shania Twain while we served as her back-up dancers.  This classy establishment is unlike any other! 

For obvious reasons, there are no pictures between the hours of 2 and 5am.  For starters, we all looked pretty rough when we finished up the night, and secondly, if there are no pictures then it didn't really happen.  Right?  No?  Let's just say we had a blast dancing the night away in the Lakeview District of B'ham. 

Later that morning... we enjoyed Breakfast Casserole, which was amazing.  Will post recipe later on! 

Mr. Smith had a very productive weekend as well, and I will proudly post his before and after pictures of all his handiwork in our front yard. 

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  1. Been waiting fcr this post this morning! LOVE that cake. I was waiting for a text from the doppleganger, but you must have been dancing to Pour Some Sugar On Me.