Friday, May 28, 2010

Not Impressed.

Last night, my pledge sisters and I had our monthly GNO (that's Girls Night Out) at the viewing of Sex & the City 2.  Were we impressed with this sequel?  Nope.  Was the mutual feeling that the movie was a little... shall we say... forced?  Yes.  I found myself several times throughout the movie swapping sarcastic comments to my sistas to the right and the left. 

Don't get me wrong.  I loved SATC... on television.  There's not a dating story I haven't heard from someone that doesn't remind me of one of that show's misadventures in the dating scene.  However, there's just something about seeing those four really close up on a big screen (and by that I mean, you can see every wrinkle... hey... they're not that young anymore, ok?) that doesn't do it for me. 

If you're up for some mindless fun and entertainment, by all means, go to the show.  However, don't place your bets that it will rock your world, by any means. 

For another account of the night's activities, please read Miss Wolfe's posting here

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