Monday, November 22, 2010


.... what a weekend! After a chilled out Friday night with some pizza and TV, we hit the ground running Saturday morning. I headed to Tuscaloosa bright and early for Mrs. Pilsch's baby shower for Baby Girl Pilsch, and got to spend some funny and enlightening moments with these ladies.  (Mental Note:  learn what several of those items were that were opened.)  Mr. Smith spent the day getting a haircut and sighting his gun.  Did I spell that correctly?  He going hunting this week, so he eagerly spent the day preparing for this adventure. 

Momma Pilsch looks fantastic (blonde in the middle of the picture)... did I mention she has twin boys who are about 17 months old?  I got a chance to visit for a while after the shower at her home, and I was more than a bit exhausted watching those two kiddo's run around.

Later that evening in Birmingham...
Mr. Smith and I attended Miss Cecelia Brown's, now Mrs. CeCe Freeman, wedding reception at the Vestavia Country Club.  We missed the ceremony - no judging!  We were running late!  But we got there in time for some great food and fun times with the Bride and Groom and sorority sisters, such as Mrs. Searson, who is still bronzed and beautiful from her recent honeymoon.

We heart the Searson's!  Just ignore the fact that we look like ghosts compared to Malibu Barbie and Ken here. 

Sorority Sister time!  The bride looked gorgeous!!! 

Sunday was spent in Cullman with my family.  We took Cooper with us and he had a ball running around and playing on the Farm.  He got to meet horses for the first time, and there was even some swimming in the pond (which later led to a bath once we returned home).  We got the chance to spend time with not only my parents, but brother and his charming girlfriend at their church's annual Thanksgiving dinner and worship.  Let's just say the maternity wear is working out quite nicely these days with all the eating!  I'm loving it!

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