Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Preggers Post - Week 14

What's shakin?  Thought I'd keep you updated on the World of Baby Smith, however uninteresting you may think it is.  :) 

Week 14

Baby Smith is the size of a Lemon and apparently can make facial expressions this week. 

Momma Smith: Hello Second Trimester!  Welcome back energy!  Still feeling pretty good, despite some horrible headaches.  Still gagging with morning teeth brushing though and getting up at least once a night to go to the bathroom... not so good.  Does this stop at some point?  Only get worse, you say?  Awesome.

In Other News...
Officially ordered some maternity clothes from the Clearance section of Old Navy.com and about wet my pants trying them on from laughing so hard.  I'm seriously in love with maternity jeans.  Everyone should have a pair, regardless if you're preggers or not.  Wore them out for the first time to Erin's pre-wedding getting ready session, just to give the ladies some laughs.  However, I know they're jealous of how cool they are. 

The Day Care search is on!  Visited my first "early learning center" last week, and am getting two more scheduled this week.  So intense. 

Have signed up or at least visited several great money-saving-for-baby websites, including BabySteals.com (thanks Mrs. Baker!), Publix Baby Club, Zulily, Pampers, Gerber, Planning Family.com, etc. 

We've scheduled our "Anatomy Ultrasound" aka the "What Gender Is It?" Ultrasound for Monday, November 29th.  Promise to let you know as quickly as possible; however, we want to plan something special to unveil the news to our parents and siblings. 

We're still discussing possible names, nursery furniture, bedding, etc.  But we've got a while right?  No?  Get on that as soon as possible because of Southern people's insane obsession with monogramming?  Right.  I'll add that to the "To Do List." 

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  1. A few things regarding this post, Mrs. Smith.

    A) I love everything about Baby Smith. Everything. You could never update enough about this sweet baby. Update away, CC.
    B) I cant wait to see you rock the maternity pants. You would be cute in a potato sack.
    C) Obsessed with monogramming? I have no idea what you are talking about. Aunt Hootie will be wearing out the sewing machine come November 29. Can't wait!