Monday, November 15, 2010

Life is Precious.

Pardon this post while I get something off my mind....  in the past few weeks I've had two people I know die unexpectedly in car accidents.  Although they didn't know each other, they both shared a commonality - both were taken much too quickly from us.  And while I hadn't spoken to either in a while, both's accidents stopped me in my tracks to say, "Why?" 

I know death is hard for anyone, at any age.  It tears someone away from us, no matter if we're ready or not.  And while we can take comfort knowing where that person's soul is and that we'll see them again one day, it is still the void of silence that we must deal with until then that makes the journey to reunification so much harder. 

It just always seems particularly harder when it is someone so young, so full of life, and who you just knew was going to make such a positive difference in this world.

Life.  Is.  Precious.

And as we sometimes get consumed in the day-to-day "To Do" lists, the seemingly never-ending chores around the house, or disgruntled by the little unexpected things like purchasing new dishwashers (ahem, I'm talking to myself here, more than anyone else), it is important to take a pause, give thanks, and realize just how blessed we are.  Because life is precious, and you never know when someone you cherish will be ripped from your comfort zone of life. 

As we enter into this season of Thanksgiving, I'm challenging myself to not only "give thanks" but to truly take the time to be thankful.  I heard someone say not to long ago that she silences the radio on the way to work, and just meditates and prays on the many blessings in her life.  Today was Day 1 of this little task for me, and it was amazing how many things came flooding in as I just drove in silence. 

Life.  Is.  Precious. 

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