Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Preggers Post: Week 17

Baby Smith
Grows to the size of a turnip this week.  Well, that's not very cute is it?  I've read it is the size of your open hand, but I have small hands, so who knows.  Baby Smith also starts accumulating body fat this week, which should be very easy given that it's Thanksgiving week and I've been stuffing my face.  It's a good time to be pregnant.  (And a good time to be wearing maternity clothes.)

Baby Smith also can hear everything now - in fact, loud noises may startle him/her. 
So... shhhh..... no need to yell at the tummy.

Momma Smith
Is ready to find out if it's a boy or girl!!!  I can't wait.  Less than one week to go. 

According to one Chinese Calendar, it's a girl.  According to another one, it's a boy. 
Then, that gender test where you hold a charm over your stomach and see which way it moves?  Girl.  Three times in a row.  I think most of our family and friends are split 50/50 on what it is! 

Still having the morning toothbrushing issues.  Still not making it through an entire night's sleep with the bathroom trips.  Also, sleeping is starting to be a tad uncomfortable.  Just like I can't get settled comfortably, ya know?  Oh, you don't.  Right.  Fingers crossed Santa brings me one of those super cool pregnancy pillows for Christmas! 

In Other News
I ordered our Nursery Furniture yesterday!  I just could not, COULD NOT, bring myself to order that expensive set we picked out a couple of weekends ago.  My frugal fierceness just would not let me pull the trigger.  I searched and searched and searched. 

Know what I found?  That JC Penney's is having a Baby Sale right now, which includes their nursery furniture.  With $500 off, free shipping to the store, and cash back through ebates.... how could a girl refuse such an offer?  I came in well under my first estimated budgeted amount.  (Insert blissful sigh here.)

I also wandered into Babies 'R Us last Friday on my lunch break to pick up some things for Momma Pilsch's baby shower.  Um - hello Carter's Clearance!  I thought it was the smart thing to do to pick up several items in both the boy and girl sections.  I mean, I can always take it back, right?  They were 40-70% off, people.  Work with me.

I tried to get a range in sizes, from Newborn up to 6 months.  Wish you could have seen me calculating the weather 3-6 months from May in the aisle!  I'm sure the people there thought I was loopy.  What?  You do too.  Well, I might be. 

Boy Stuff

Abby was super excited about the boy stuff.  She thinks Baby Smith is a boy. 
Please ignore the demonic look in her eye.  I swear she loves us.

Girl Stuff

Cooper thinks it's a Girl. 
Or he was just confused why I wasn't taking pictures of him for once. 

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  1. I'm with Coop Coop, I think it's a girl!!! Those baby clothes are so cute!! I can't wait to find out!!!!