Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Preggers Post: Week 16

Good morning everyone!  Hope wherever you are you are staying nice and dry!  It's been raining here for a couple of days now, and it starts to play with your mood after a while.  :)

We're on Week 16 people!  What's so funny is that before you enter into this whole Pregnancy World, when you ask someone who is expecting how far along they are and they tell you their "Week", I'd give a blank stare.  Now that we're fully inundated with it, I get it.  Every week something really cool happens with Baby's development.  But, for everyone else's sake, I'm 4 months now.  (Insert excited squeal here.)

Baby Smith
This week, Baby Smith grows to the size of an avocado.  Also, the ear bones are in place this week, meaning Baby Smith can hear me talk, sing in the car, sing in the shower, sing while cooking, etc. Which leads me to stronger facial expressions by Baby Smith this week, that are probably along the lines of grimacing at the sound of my singing voice.  :)

Also, Baby Smith's backbone is stronger, letting him/her work on straightening its head.  Eyebrows and eyelashes are also in place this week.  

Momma Smith
Have had some serious food cravings over the past week.  Ranging from Sister's Buffalo Chicken Dip (which I made last night), to Mexican food, to Krystal's hamburgers.  Who knew? 

Still missing a full night's sleep, as I am still visiting the bathroom twice a night.  Also am getting pretty sick (literally and figuratively) of getting sick with the morning teeth brushing.  Gross. 

Started this last night, as a precaution.  I'll give a full review, say May 2011. 

Thinking I'm on the last week of fitting into current work pants; however, cannot wear maternity pants.  Suggestions? 

In Other News
Mr. Smith and I went nursery furniture shopping on Saturday and picked out a set we really liked!  The set I had originally picked out had already been sold, but Mr. Smith managed to find another one at the Showroom.  Only double what I had originally budgeted.  Did I mention he has expensive taste?  Only the best for Baby Smith, per Daddy Smith. 

I've also picked out my crib bedding, one for a girl and one for a boy.  I may or may not have already ordered the girl crib bedding, as it was on Sale with the Target Baby Sale.  It's the only one I've liked, okay people?  If Baby Smith is a boy, I'll just take it back. 

Speaking of Gender Revelation... we find out in less than 2 weeks!  Are you as excited as I am? 

We visited another "early learning center" last week.  Our goal is to still have one selected by year's end, so fingers crossed. 
(Note: if you are in college and wanting to make lots of money with your future career path, open an "early learning center," call it something prestigious, and watch the moola roll in.) 


  1. I want to see belly pics Momma Smith! Speaking of bellies, have you purchased a belly band? (I believe the target brand is the "Bella band.") Clearly I would not know how well these things work, but according to other Momma friends, they are marvelous, and will allow you to wear your pre-preggers pants throughout the pregnancy and even post partum. You should look into it if you haven't already!

  2. Aunt Hootie,
    Belly band is in possession, although it kind of makes it hard to breathe. Another culprit of said work clothing becoming harder to shimmy into every morning, is the growth of "the ladies." Having had relatively no "ladies" until 4 months ago, I never realized what some women go through. I'll email you tummy pics later; still not comfortable posting them for all the world to witness. :)
    Love, Momma Smith