Monday, November 8, 2010

Bragging Rights...

... please pardon me as I brag on my hubs, Mr. Smith, who went above and beyond this weekend to help his wife around the house.  Whilst I was busy attending a baby shower Saturday morning for a sweet friend from graduate school, I returned home to find clothes folded, air filter changed, litterbox emptied, bedrooms vacuumed, and kitchen cleaned.  Mr. Smith also cooked some corn dip for the football funeral viewing party we later attended at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wise.

On Sunday, I was not feeling so hot.  At all.  Dang you sinus problems!  I laid up (or was I stove up?  That's for you, Suz!) all day - literally all day - in the bed with some self-prescribed bed rest.  At various points of the day I held a cold washcloth on my little nose, who was so sick of the sinus problems it decided to have some awesome nosebleeds.  During this time, Mr. Smith made a quick run to Home Depot, worked outside securing the fence for Coop Dawg, ordered us some dinner, and then helped me put clean sheets on the bed (since I had been a sloth on them all day and I just knew they were germy). 

Now, it's Monday and it's back to business as usual.  Grocery store run, weekly dinner menu to organize, and Christmas shopping (which I've already knocked out pretty much... once I get on a roll I can be done within 1-2 hours online - I'm a tag it, bag it, and bring it home kind of girl).

How was your weekend?  I have a new recipe to share - Italian Ravioli Stew - later on! 

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