Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Please, Cooper, help yourself to some cake.

So, tonight I decided to really overachieve as a Domestic Goddess.  After work I did our weekly grocery shopping, cooked a delicious "Brinner" (that's breakfast as dinner, y'all, a Mr. Smith fav), cleaned up, made some tuna salad for lunches, did a load of laundry, yet still felt a little bored.  Why, I know what I'll do... I said to myself... I'll make Mr. Smith a scrumptious cake!  Something to snack on all week!  What a marvelous idea! 


Upon leaving the iced creation on the kitchen counter and going along my merry way, a sneaky devil dog found his merry way to my cake.  Below is the evidence of a Cake Monster  sampling about 1/4 of it, before Mr. Smith caught him on 2 legs snacking away at the counter. 

The Evidence

The Culprit
I'm pretty sure he's smirking at us. 

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