Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Where did the Spring weather go?

Mr. Smith and I had a delightful weekend celebrating our mothers.  After my company's Spring Picnic at Oak Mountain State Park, where the weather was gorgeous, we headed our split ways to our respective hometowns.  This seems the safest bet before munchkins come, we're thinking.  Mr. Smith took the Pooper to T-town, and I got a restful time soaking up some parental lovin' in Cullman.  Mom and I tried to lay out on Sunday afternoon after Church and lunch; however, we about froze to death.  What the heck?  Why is winter back?  Is this blackberry winter?  We decided instead to take full advantage of the Lifetime Movie Network's showcase of "motherly" films instead.  :)

Thank you Mom for everything!  For putting up with the eyerolls, kissing the boo boo's, wiping the noses & bottoms, and all the "But why's?" I threw endlessly at you. 

Mr. and Mrs. Smith at Oak Mountain State Park. 

I'm going to be completely honest and tell you that I faltered a little yesterday on the whole "No New Clothes for this Year's Wedding Season" rule.  I had to run to the Mall to pick up some make-up... hello!  That's just a necessity, right?  I had to go by several cute window displays on the way to the store.  And... confession... I stopped in one store and tried on something.  And then I looked at the price tag and almost passed out in the dressing room.  I'm resilient, though.  I straightened up, told myself to put my big girl panties on and just deal with it.  I really do think the trick to not buying clothes (or really any "stuff" for that matter) is to not go into temptation areas, such as the Mall.  You don't know that you "need" something until you see how cute the mannequins/models look in it. 

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