Thursday, May 20, 2010


I was the victim of a bird attack today at lunch. 

In an attempt to water my hanging flowers on the front porch, I casually reached up and took one plant down.  I had noticed in the last few days a nest of some sort being built, so I'm always careful to water around it.  Actually, it's more like a hodgepodge of various grass and weeds, but I was assuming it was a bird's nest, since the other plant beside it didn't get as lucky. 

The vicious vulture, with sharp talons and easily a 100-feet wing span, came at me like a bird of war from it's hide-out in the plant.  I ducked, barely missed dropping the plant, sprayed water from the watering can all over my pants.... and screamed for dear life.  My four-legged children watching from the front door were smirking and I'm sure, laughing at me in their own special way. 

Warn your neighbors, your children, your pets.  Because this evil creature is on the loose, spreading havoc with her aerial assaults to all who may try to upkeep their hanging plants. 

You have been warned.

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