Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We all scream for ice cream!

Last night I had the pleasure of organizing an Ice Cream Social out at Gateway's Campus.  It was so much fun, and I think the kids out there really enjoyed having a "normal" night eating some good ice cream with their pals.  We had four big tubs: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry swirl, neopolitan, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, strawberry syrup, whipped cream, nuts, sprinkles, cherries, and Oreos - a sundae delight!  I may have found my missed career as an ice cream lady, because I had a blast scooping bowls and bowls of it... all with my latex gloves on, in true "lunch lady" fashion. 

Not to get on a soap box or anything, but I feel so strongly about getting involved with your community.  I hear friends say all the time, I just can't afford to give to charity right now.  My thought is that there are so many ways to give: money, time, prayer, service, etc.  Everyone can carve out a few hours every month to volunteer or serve on a Junior Board... and you know what?  It doesn't cost a dime, but it's worth so much because you're bettering the lives of someone else.  My ice cream social took 3 hours max last night, and 25 kids got to have a wonderful, fun-filled evening!  There are tons of charities and nonprofit agencies here in Birmingham where you can find your passion and serve.  Visit the Nonprofit Resource Center at or the United Way website at to find an agency that you can really get excited about.  Hands on Birmingham keeps a running list of volunteer opportunities in the area, if you feel you cannot commit to just one agency -  As Leigh Anne Tuohy says in The Blind Side... "you can thank me later."  (Love her!) 

Please keep the people of Haiti in your prayers.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith were just down there for our honeymoon six short months ago, and the people down there are awesome.  I'm sure they are devastated and need our prayers more so that ever before! 

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