Thursday, January 7, 2010

Roll Tide Roll!

Anyone who knows Mr. and Mrs. Smith knows that we are Crimson Tide football fans... and that might be putting it lightly.  I love my team, and I ride the emotional rollercoaster with them every football season.  This year has literally been a dream come true for every Alabama, young and old.  You see, being an Alabama fan means that every season - regardless of your team or coach - you know that this will be the year of the National Championship.  That this year will be the lucky #13.  And you tumble down the rollercoaster when the reality comes home that this is not the year... but we'll get them next year!  Next year will be the one!  (Alabama fans... you know this is so true!) 

However... we are here.  Tonight is the night for our chance at #13.  And we're good.  So good that we've won the SEC Championship and my Mark Ingram has won his rightful Heisman Trophy.(Yes - my Mark Ingram - I've campaigned for him since the first game of the season when he showed his athletic prowess.  I also believe deep down I'm the reason he won the Heisman Trophy.  Me and my power of positive thinking, right?)   We are going for the Triple Crown this season, people.  THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!! 

I've gotten about a million of these emails, but will share the excitement of fellow Bama fans:


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