Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Global Warming?!?!?

Okay, so it's freezing outside.  As in, below 25 degrees.  Yes, I know it's January, but this is Alabama.  God's country, some might say.  And I've never seen it this cold.  Bundle up everyone! 

So last night, I watched "The Biggest Loser" on NBC for the first time ever.  Where have I been?  How could I not have known this show would bring me a mix of laughter and tears in one concise hour?  I'm obsessed.  These people are amazing, and it's truly a humbling show to watch.  You go Biggest Loser people!  By George, I was so pumped that I started working out during the show.  Yep - sit ups, biceps curls, leg lifts... the whole lot.  I'll admit I'm a little sore today, but feel it's worth it.  What a great show! 

Monday night was a great girls' night watching The Bachelor.  I literally wince while watching that show, because it's like, seriously ladies?  C'mon - pull yourself together.  However, it makes for great entertainment and comedic good times with the girls. 

I'm still getting my New Year's Resolutions together, and plan on posting them soon so I can be held accountable.  At church on Sunday, Rev. Turner told us that her three resolutions were:
1.  Choose Love
2.  Practice Forgiveness
3.  Bring Hope

As Christians we're not only given a New Year to ring in our goals, but also direction from our Heavenly Father to practice these three things on a daily basis anyway.  I'll be incorporating these three resolutions into my everyday activities.  No one said they would be easy, but I'm challenging myself to not judge, to not automatically point the finger, and to not spit out the first sassy words that come to my mind (Me?  Sassy?  No way!), but to Choose Love first and foremost. 


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