Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Live in a Zoo

I can't believe it's already Tuesday and my glorious 3-day weekend has come to an end.  Not there was anything producitve done all weekend, Mr. and Mrs. Smith were actually at the mercy of our sick Cooper.  Saturday and Sunday was spent snuggling with the Pooper on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, and wiping his nose with a roll of tissue we kept handy.  Is this what having a child is like?  Because it sure felt like it.  I even contemplated making the Pooper some chicken noodle soup, because as we all know - that cures everything. 

The Pooper was back in action yesterday though, so no worries!  We spent most of my day off playing outside, and he even gave me the chance to visit Mr. Smith for some lunch downtown.  This morning we were back to our usual routine of "The Morning Zoo."  Which usually involves Mr. Smith getting out the door as quickly as possible and leaving Mrs. Smith as the mediator between the Pooper and our first born, Abby "the Princess" cat.  I really do wish wish someone could tape our mornings before work, because I know it has to be hilarious to the outside viewer.  The movie "Marley and Me" sums it up pretty well.  The Pooper also likes to grab on to one of the legs of my hose in the morning, with one leg already in.  I'm not a fan of hose by any means, but when you've already got one leg in and you are chasing a lab puppy around your bedroom, it's not pretty.  Change of Plans:   I'm wearing pants today.  :) 

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